What I ate in a week to loose weight & 50 squat challenge

My health journey continues this week and my goal is to start including more exercise into the mix. I created a video on my channel to show you what I ate in a week to loose weight. Hopefully this give you guys some Keto meal recipes and ideas on what to cook when you’re stuck. That being said I also finally, did some minor workouts everyday. The 50 squat challenge is where I do 50 squats every day for a week! Yes it was a little hard but I stuck through it and completed the 50 squat challenge.

My health journey continues this week and I created a video on my channel to show you what I ate in a week to loose weight, some Keto meal recipes and ideas

What I ate in a week to loose weight

I am on the KETO diet and I also do intermittent fasting. This means I eat during a 8 hour window and fast during 16. I like to eat between the hours of 6am and 2pm because my days usually start around 4:30am. This week wasn’t too intense for eating as I just cooked whatever I had available in my fridge on that day. I’ve lost 30lbs so far on the Keto diet and it’s simply amazing.

Tuesday – For breakfast I had a Coffee with Heavy Whipping cream and zero carb coffee syrup. At lunch time I ate a protein meal replacement bar because I was too lazy to cook.

Wednesday – For breakfast I ate 1egg and 2 slices of bacon. A Coffee with heavy Whipping cream and zero carb syrup .To eat for lunch, I cooked two pieces of tilapia and a bag of zucchini noodles. I chose to split the noodles in half and save the other half in the freezer. Although I actually ended up throwing out the remainder of the noodles later that week.

On my drive home I grabbed some original flavor pork skins and a diet soda.

What I eat in a week to loose weight (video)

Thursday I created a shiritaki noodle bowl for lunch . This consisted of noodles at the bottom, and layered with zucchini, cheese and crispy bacon.

Friday I ate shrimp fried rice (actually cauliflower rice). This is my favorite meal to make because it’s quick and easy. I threw in some broccoli and scrambled eggs for the perfect combination .

Saturday I went out to eat at Kiki’s breakfast cafe. I love breakfast cafes because they always have keto friendly food! I grabbed a plate of eggs, bacon, sausage and ham! So yummy!

Sunday I went to Publix and grabbed a huge box of hot and spicy chicken wings with no breadding. LOVED this ! I had a mommy and me day , and took my daughter to to movies. Ah I also cheated, and ate a box of milk duds putting my carbs at a whopping 100g for the day!

I usually don’t go past 14g a day so obviously my body reacted and I felt exhausted by 8pm.

Monday I made the decision to fast all day after that cheat meal yesterday . I had a detox drink and left it at tea, and coffee. I love doing a detox as it has really helped my skin to glow!

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50 squat challenge

Okay this was much easier than I was expecting it to be . I haven’t exercised in over a year , and so I thought I was going to be serverly struggling. However I felt great, I forgot to tell my brain the fact that last time I exercised I was 30lbs heavier! So of course it was easier!

Let’s not go as far as saying I enjoyed exercising because I don’t think I ever will. I did however feel empowered that I was able to complete these mini goals everyday!

Will I continue the 50 squats a day into next week? Probly not . I think I’ll do it once a week and then challenge myself to do sit-ups or arm curls. Something different so I don’t start hating working out .

Overall this was a good week for inches as I lost an inch .. but gained a pound. Honestly I’m staying away from the scale as it’s distracting me. I know I’m in a plateau at the moment. Currently feeling that because I desperately want to get down into the 150s, my body is telling me no, and freaking out . I currently weigh 163 lbs.

I have to take each day as I can. All I can do is continue to track my progress/ macros and hope for the best.

Have you ever thought about doing 50 squats a day? Comment down below and let’s chat!

My health journey continues this week and I created a video on my channel to show you what I ate in a week to loose weight, some Keto meal recipes and ideas

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