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Last week my daughter and I took a trip to London to visit the US Embassy. Being an American Citizen , this is the closest embassy for her to get her US passport renewed in the UK. It turned out to be a nice little 48 hour mommy and me trip; and we get to see a new part of London in the process. Now we can add a big fat tick next to Vauxhall London and the US Embassy Gardens! Here are some of my favourite photos from our weekend trip!

US Embassy Gardens Trip and a review of the Travelodge Hotel Vauxhall London | Check out my mommy and me overnight trip to London US Embassy Gardens Trip and a review of the Travelodge Hotel Vauxhall London | Check out my mommy and me overnight trip to London

Transport to US Embassy

We left Birmingham using the National Express coach straight to London Victoria on Monday night. The journey took on average 3 hours via coach, which wasn’t too bad since we had Videos to watch. Once we got to Victoria Coach station , it was a five minute walk to the Underground train station. From there it was only two stops on the Victoria line to Vauxhall. We stayed in the Travelodge Vauxhall hotel which was surprisingly far better than I expected for a budget hotel. The Travelodge is literally sitting 20 feet away from the train station so it was a perfect location. The US Embassy is roughly a 10 minute walk from the hotel and the best part is that the walk is along the canal. A beautiful scenic view especially for us, as we had a 7:45 am appointment, and we’re able to see the sunrise.


US Embassy process

The entire process was quick and easy, I say that coming from a US citizen’s point of view. If you are not a citizen then expect unnecessary long lines in the cold, an entirely different floor of processing to citizens, and triple if not quadruple appointment bookings that are the same as yours. When we arrived the line had about 80 people in it if not more, all were there to get visas. For citizens there is a separate line (with no waiting) , a separate floor for processing (with an amazing view of the canal), plus we were in an out in under 2 hours! I have to admit it was great! When we left the line was still around the corner and I felt bad for those having to wait, honestly.

The surrounding area of the US Embassy is beautiful and definitely somewhere I would consider living!

Travelodge Review

I had a fantastic time at the Travelodge mainly because of it’s location! There is a Starbucks next door, a Nando’s around the  corner, bus station outside and it’s on the Victoria tube line straight to Oxford Street for shopping! The beds were very comfy and the complimentary chocolate and coffee was a bonus!

The Bathrooms were exceptionally clean and the 24 hour front desk service was great. Breakfast started at 6:30 for continental and 7am for full English . We went down at 7am and had a rushed but very tasty breakfast  of eggs  sausage bacon and more. The food tasted great and was exactly what we needed before our long day.


Would I recommend the Travelodge? Absolutely yes! You can’t beat the location and the hotel is clean and comfortable, it’s all you need for an overnight trip!

Check out this 50 SECOND video to see our snaps of the HOTEL ROOM and the US Embassy!

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After the embassy trip we head back to the hotel and relaxed  for a few hours until checkout, which was at 12 . Once we checked out we had a lunch date at Nando’s, then did a little shopping in Oxford Circus. I went to Topshop and picked up this cute new Bakerboy hat, and we ate some yummy Cupcakes!


After that it was time to go back to Birmingham! If you are planning a trip to Vauxhall London or the US Embassy I definitely recommend you stay in the Travelodge hotel!

I can’t stress enough how great the location is!


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  1. Marco
    February 5, 2018 / 10:36 pm

    Nicely written and glad you had a good time in my area; my only comment on your article would be to point out that it is the river Thames and not a canal.

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