Three Reasons I Love New York City

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I’m a lover of New York, I always have been since I was a child. With family living there, i’ve had the opportunity to visit more times than I can count yet I still always feel like a tourist! New York City has so much to explore and do, I would happily spend my life getting to know and love the city more. With me getting ready to plan my next trip soon, I’m over here reminiscing through pictures and realised how much I adored my New York Memories over the years. In 2016 I went on a road trip from Virginia to the big apple with my family and honestly had THE BEST TIME!  It just makes sense for me to narrow down my top three reasons why I love New York City

THREE REASONS I LOVE NEW YORK CITYThree reasons I love New York City |

  1. The realness sits just right for me

    Nobody tells it like it is , as much as a New Yorker. If your hair is a mess or something just isn’t right , a New Yorker will tell you straight away. No hesitations! – Now this can be a good thing or an incredibly embarrassing bad thing. Being born in England we have a certain etiquette where we feel the need to be polite to everyone. New Yorkers on the other hand , in my experience will tell you to move (with a little bass in their voice) and probably not add a please. Ah my friends but this incredibly raw freedom of expression is rare to come by, and for sure a refreshing experience. You can run into a completely uncut person while experiencing the most lavish , beautiful rooftop views and penthouse suits! Their personalities change for no one!

  2. New York never sleeps
    Three reasons I love New York City |

    Yes its may be dirty and there may be a million rats living in the subway ; but where else can you find the next big star? With everything constantly moving, theres no ” i’m going to sleep i’ll work on my dream tomorrow”. New York is a non stop grind, with pure talent constantly oosing from it’s streets. Seriously what are the odds of me going into times square and MTV decides to interview me for a segment!? Imagine if i lived there! I WOULD DIE from the excitement and possibilities at my doorstep! Let’s not forget that you can grab a cheeseburger or a slice of pizza at 3 in the morning if you wanted to!. (just sayin)

  3. The Diversity is a Beautiful mix
    Three reasons I love New York City |

    Not only is New York an incredibly diverse state, it actually embraces the culture. When you think of New York , you don’t only think of one race or one type of person. You can literally imagine anyone on the planet living there! You can meet someone there who is mixed with Dominican, Jamaican ,Mexican and more! With the culture being so open, that means love is also open across different cultures!

*postcards from NYC

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Want to see what I got up to on my New York City Trip in 2016? It was a fun road trip from Virginia to New York City! Watch below and subscribe if you like 🙂

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Three reasons I love New York City |



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Three reasons I love New York City |

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  1. March 23, 2018 / 12:23 pm

    I love New York! I need to plan another trip out there soon. I love the fact that something is always open no matter the time and the energy of the city is fantastic.

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