Teen show gold! 20 to binge right now with new seasons coming soon!

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When teen drama’s are your guilty television pleasure, you’ll find you’re always on the hunt for the next best show. With my daily downtime consisting of maybe 2 hours a day, I always try to fit in a few episodes of my favorite shows. I’ve put together a list of must watch teen drama shows, that have a sense of mystery, and some that feed my supernatural obsession!

As a graphic designer, I’ve found Multitasking actually helps me get my work done faster! Watching a show while doing an illustration makes the time fly by. Speaking of flying, these shows are perfect to binge on a long plane ride! Before I know it I’m on season 5! Every single show on this list has a season that dropped this year, so yes they are still going into 2020!

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looking for the next awesome teen show to binge watch? Here is my go to list of current shows with drama , mystery, supernatural and comedy!

10 Teen shows you can binge right now with new seasons coming!

1. Stranger things

Stranger things took a few episodes for me to truly get into it, but by episode three, I was hooked! It’s about a group of kids in the 80s that find themselves caught up between worlds (the upside down). Let’s not forget fellow brit Millie Bobby Brown is a total badass with superpowers! This Netflix show is right up my street!

2. The OA

Since were talking about supernatural things, The OA is a show I randomly discovered on Netflix and got absolutely HOOKED! It’s about a girl who unfortunately got kidnapped by a mad scientist. It just so happens to be that she is part of THE KEY to unlocking the barrier between multiple parallel universes!

3. Jane the virgin

This teen show is what i’m currently catching up on as it just dropped season 5 on netflix. Jane the virgin is a modern take on a classic telenovela, with tons of twists a turns. A VIRGIN girl gets accidentally artificially inseminated by the sister of a billionaire hotel air, when she simply went for a pap smear! From there her entire life turned upside down with insane plot lines every episode! Fantastic show !

4. Superstore

This teen show has me LITERALLY laughing out loud. Superstore is a comedic take on crazy things that happen in a big box retailer. The store is called CLOUD 9 but its clearly Walmart. There are hilarious scenes and storylines, I seriously can’t stop watching on Hulu. Also obsessing over America Ferrera (Ugly Betty star) and Ben Feldman (from Drop Dead Diva) . Both of those shows are also binge worthy but sadly ended, at least with a real storyline ending!

5. Vampire Diaries, The Originals & Legacies

Legacies is the teen show currently on air and only has one season, but thankfully it’s a spin off and a continuing storyline of two AMAZING shows. So if you are looking for the ultimate binge. Start with the V-Diaries and work your way through all the episodes until you get to Legacies. The shows follow the world of teenagers who’s worlds turn upside-down after some die and get turned into vampires, ware-wolves and witches .

Turns out their families were all founders of a place called Mystic falls. As time goes on The show spins off to The originals. Following the most powerful family of vampires and the first ever to be created. Legacies is following the daughter of the most powerful vampire hybrid werewolf leaving her as a unique TRI-BRID! (vampire ware-wolf witch). She goes to a school for the supernatural kids that is run by former vampire hunter Alaric. It will make so much more sense if you just watch all the shows from the beginning!

6. Riverdale

Archie comics in human form, this show is a murder mystery type of show. Following the original gang in a small town called Riverdale. A town full of secrets and drama! It’s a show set in the 80s? I honestly don’t know but it’s a modern version of the 80s with cell phones but they eat at the local diner. Cole Sprouse sold me on the show after the first 10 minutes! He will sell it to you too! (netflix)

7. The 100

Bringing back the space and science vibes, this Netflix show is about a post apocalyptic world hundreds of years in the future. Where humans now live in space. The world is un inhabitable (so they think). They send down 100 delinquent kids to earth who were born in space to see if they land. If they do and survive then its safe for humans to come back down to earth! BUT OBVIOUSLY there are people who survived the apocalypse so the kids are in for a HUGE awakening.

8. Lucifer

This is literally one of my favorite shows! Following the Devil who has taken human form and now living on earth , granting favors and taking souls! Very similar themes to the show Supernatural ! (Also another great netflix binge show where no one ever stays dead!)

9.Charmed (reboot)

Honestly I was skeptical at first about a reboot that didn’t have any relation to the first show. However I think they did a fantastic job of re-telling the story in a new way! The characters have new names all the girls are women of color, and the girls have powers pretty much from episode one! I love it ! Please give it a chance (theres only one netflix season so far but it will be back for season 2 )

10. Chilling adventures of sabrina

As you can tell I clearly love witches! This Netflix teen show was not at all what I expected, since I grew up watching all seasons of Sabrina the teenage witch. In fact the show is nothing like the old show. Although most characters have the same names like Salem, Harvey, Aunt Hilda and Zelda. The show is DARK and twisted and focuses on demonic witchcraft . Unlike the bubbly fun Sabrina we once knew.

Okay so those shows you need to add to your queue but i’ve watched so many I need to tell you about all the other awesome shows too!

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10 more drama filled teen shows you need to watch today!

  1. Dear white people | Netflix
  2. All american | Netflix
  3. Dynasty | Netflix
  4. Grownish | Freeform
  5. On my block | Netflix
  6. She’s gotta have it | Netflix
  7. The Bold Type | Freeform
  8. Famous in Love | Freeform
  9. Good Trouble | Freeform
  10. Big Little Lies | Hulu

Did I miss any awesome shows that I need to watch? When I write them down I realize WOW I seriously watch so much tv! GOTTA LOVE IT!

Let me know what show is your fav, also if you want me to start doing recaps or giving my thoughts on episodes, let me know! Until then i’ll see you in the next post !

looking for the next awesome teen show to binge watch? Here is my go to list of current shows with drama , mystery, supernatural and comedy!

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