Best Resources for New Bloggers


So you are a new blogger and you want to get your foot in the door straight away like I DID!

You’re feeling super overwhelmed with the 600,000,000 pins on Pinterest and you don’t know what information is accurate or relevant.

Does the idea of starting your blog feel exhilarating and exhausting?

Well I have a solution for you! (actually a ton of solutions!)

The EXACT resources I use to keep Her Luxe Travels up and running!

The programs , websites and tools I’m recommending on this page , allow me to stay 100% focused on the growth of my blog.

Every single one of these resources, I’ve personally used to benefit my blog, and you can use them too!

Many of these links are affiliate links – meaning they do not cost you anything extra, but I do receive a commission if you choose to use them. (Read my Disclosure page for more info)





I use GO DADDY for my domain name and my hosting . I trust them , always have since my very first blog in 2013! They offer hosting through WordPress or their own services . I personally use WordPress because it’s super versatile. Go daddy will give you various options and bundle deals where you can get a free email with the domain name, services to get you higher google rankings , and more!

PLUS Their customer service team are exceptional and have helped me MANY TIMES get my online life together!


I have the full creative cloud for student , simply because I am a student and I use more than just Photoshop for my work. However in the case of your blog. If you want to make some seriously amazing and appealing content for your blog , such as printables & courses you can SELL, ect , Adobe Photoshop is a total winner!

There are free alternatives too like CANVA, but you will be limited!

Check out this bullet journal printable I created for my planner.


I use pipdig because they have the most versatile easy to use layouts out there for fashion lifestyle and MOM bloggers . Take a look and you will see just how appealing they are!

If you want you blog to stand out , you need an appealing layout

If you want to get SERIOUS about your blog! You need an email list . I use ConvertKit becuase it makes it easy for new bloggers to create beautiful landing pages and opt-in forms for their blog. If you sign up using my special linkyou’ll get a free month trial! You can’t beat that!!

tailwind logo

The way I schedule Pinterest. I love and use Tailwind to schedule my pins. This has exploded my new blog traffic!  Get your first 100 pins free! PLUS a FREE MONTH!


blog traffic explosion since using tailwind |

Explode blog traffic with these 22 Facebook groups

Have you just started a blog and your not getting many views? or don’t know where to start when it comes to promoting your blog? Well in this post i’m going to tell you how to Explode blog traffic from your very first day blogging simply by just using Facebook groups! Check out my blog growth in only 18 days of blogging! . Although I’ve been blogging for a while on other blogs, I wanted to start fresh and simply DO IT RIGHT straight away .  In the almost 3 weeks of Her Luxe Travels I saw my blog grow rapidly  averaging  just under 100 page views per day . Now that may not seem like a lot, or even anything to you, but ask any new blogger and they will tell you getting their first 100 blog views is Major and I hit over 1k in my first month!  Read this post now and download the free list of 22 FB groups plus schedule planner to stay on top of the share threads! 

Social Media Checklist New Blogger Growth Stats Explode blog traffic | Her Luxe Travels

Best Dimentions For optimizing your Instagram photos

I found this blog post that really explains in a great way how you can maximize your reach per photo on Instagram! It’s a great read and I recommend every new blogger looking to up their Instagram game to READ it! Cash Back

My current Fall Essentials