November Home and Lifestyle Edit

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Sometimes all you want to do is curl up with a hot cocoa, fuzzy slippers and sing 90s christmas music! The November Lifestyle Edit has got you covered!

Tasty Cookbook | UO Bluetooth Speaker | Fur Pillow | H&M Christmas Ornaments | YC Pumpkin Swirl  |Mermaid Stocking   | Floral Mug | Furry Slippers   |Copper Serving Stand 

Let the countdown begin! With Thanksgiving round the corner and Christmas trailing right behind, its time to give your home the festive love it deserves! In this months Lifestyle Edit, the product I’m loving the most has to be the Mermaid Stocking. It’s refreshingly unique and something my daughter would love to have hanging on the fireplace.  Having a cute stocking  each year was a family tradition growing up for me. Now that I’m spending a Christmas and I’m in a good place financially, its great to be able to start my own christmas traditions with my daughter! 

Finding the perfect home accents any time of the year  is always a struggle, let alone seasonal accents! . I have, however found a few cute items that are great all year round in Urban Outfitters Home Collections.

When it comes to the holiday time, I tend to spend a lot of time in my kitchen.  Food is always a staple in my family, and as I’ve gotten older and taken charge of my health , i’ve started to put more effort into the food I’m consuming. I love cookbooks, as they give me so many great new ideas, and they always look chic on display. The Tasty Cookbook  is such a great buy, with so many amazing recipes to use in your holiday platters! Once youve made some tasty treats make sure you serve them with class on an gorgeous Serving Stand. 

Blast that music!

I don’t know about you but as soon as thanksgiving is over, I whip out the Mariah Carey christmas album. All my 90s christmas jams get played on repeat until early January! Which means a quality  Bluetooth Speaker  is needed, just in case of an impromptu karaoke session in my living room. 

Cozy up

Sometimes I just want to be cozy in my dressing gown, cozy slippers and lay on my couch filled with furry pillows! Nothing beats a christmas scent filling the air while you sip on hot cocoa, enjoy your christmas decor, giggle and cry with all the feels during a cheesy christmas movie! 

What’s your November looking like? 

I hope you enjoy my Novemeber Lifestyle Edit! All the items on here are   Must haves this fall. If you liked any of the items  you can shop them all below. 

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