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I stopped posting on my old channel and started fresh for 2019! I actually made my first ever vlog on my new channel called A Fyn Mess and I feel pretty proud. It’s a week in my life leading up to New Year’s Day!

 I actually made my first ever vlog on my new channel called A Fyn Mess and I feel pretty proud. It’s a week in my life leading up to New Year’s Day!

My first ever vlog

Ok so technically this is not the first vlog I’ve ever made. I’m a professional on air television designer by day, so my job is to literally edit videos. I’m making lower thirds, and end plates for tv shows all day. So it wasn’t hard to get started.

OMG THIS IS MY FIRST EVER VLOG!!  It feels so great and refreshing starting something new and building subscribers day by day. I can have you guys in my Fyn Mess Family and get to know you all individually. The beginning stages are always the best. Also FYI this is a long one, so grab a cup of tea and take a journey into a week in my life!

This is everyday, a week in my life from the day after Christmas to TODAY new years day!

I take you guys on a shop with me for home decor. In my favourite stores, then we refresh and spruce up our home for the new year.

Whole foods is such an awesome place to get started on your healthy journey, so I headed there to grab my favourite organic products. I headed home after that and gave a grocery haul.  

In this week in my life video you will see, my daily outfits, what to cook on KETO, what I eat in a day to loose weight and so much more.

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Why I made a new channel

I’ve had my previous channel since I was 16 , (2006) yes you heard that right. I started making YouTube videos when all that was on YouTube were cat videos and really bad karaoke. It was a passion project of mine and at. The time all I wanted was to be a singer. I would upload random covers and hope I would get noticed by a producer hot shot.

As time went on I realized God had other plans for me. My passions changed and my skill set changed . Although I no longer make singing videos ( or maybe I will), I still create content everyday. Being in the Television industry, I felt like I needed to use what I know and apply it to A Fyn Mess

What is a week in my life ?

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a weekly vlog, called week in my life, that I spent a good amount of time focusing on editing. I’ll gather clips of my favourite Keto Friendly meals and other things I do during my down time .

If you have been following me on Instagram then you will know I’ve Been on a weight loss journey for a few months. I’ll talk about that in another post soon. I’ve been tracking my progress through my Instagram stories and have posted a few YouTube videos too!

YouTube video ideas

I have been planning out my content and have over 50 ideas for future videos. This obviously has me excited to create, plus I never have to worry about not knowing what to post.

My main channel focus is healthy living , and I’ll be bringing those elements into my blog here too!

It’s what I’m currently passionate about, and it just makes sense to incorporate it.

How often do I travel?

I travel every 2 months or so to New York and other places . My schedule is already filled with trips this year to New York, Vegas and Miami.

Travelling is a huge part of my sanity. It allows me to feel free and open to more culture.

So Her Luxe Travels is still all about travel, but I’ve also added in a healthy living section now, which I can’t wait to share with you guys.

I hope you guys enjoy my first ever vlog. If you do please give this video a thumbs up, comment what videos you would like to see from me , and SUBSCRIBE so you never miss a new post every Tuesday and Saturday!

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 I actually made my first ever vlog on my new channel called A Fyn Mess and I feel pretty proud. It’s a week in my life leading up to New Year’s Day!

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