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I’m what you would all a savvy traveller. I’ve travelled solo and i’ve travelled with an infant; so it’s safe to say i’ve learned how to pack light and travel light! On the very rare occasion that I have travel with a check luggage, that means I can take my favorite backpack to carry on the plane! I recently got back from my Vacation in Vegas, and since I flew with Frontier , my luggage was limited (I had to share a suitcase with my daughter to avoid unnecessary fees!)

The best part about a carry on backpack is not actually having to carry it in your hand! That means freedom to hold your Starbucks while scrolling through the gram!

I personally love my Michael Kors Backpack that I managed to find in Marshalls! However I do like to switch it up from time to time, and rock different backpacks depending on where i’m traveling to!

Need some inspo for a travel carry on backpack? I spent forever looking until i found one i love! Check out my lookbook of what i found! | | Tampa Lifestyle Blog

Heres what I look for when grabbing a carry on bag :

  • Laptop or Ipad friendly
  • Tons of pockets for organization
  • Front pocket for storing easy access essentials
  • Comfortable straps
  • Neutral /Solid colors to match every outfit!
  • can fit under the plane seat

So if you are looking for some inspiration for a travel backpack check out this lookbook!

Happy shopping my lovelies

Carry on Backpack lookbook

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