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Traveling a-lot means I need to constantly refill my travel essentials. Amazon is my go to place for last minute affordable products. I tend to travel when its on the cheaper side, which means I could literally get up and go in 2 days from now! Thanks to modern times and 2 day shipping Prime has me covered! let’s talk about everything I’m going to grab before my next trip! (which is a weekend to Orlando for my b-day BTW)

Amazon is everyones favorite place to shop for travel essentials! With 2 day shipping its easier than ever! Here are my amazon favorites for travel!


Okay So let’s break it down, Not only do I tend to pack light ; I also ACTUALLY USE everything I bring. This is why my essentials list will have a mix of Beauty and Fashion!

Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup remover wipes are an essential in my to go bag! I’m not one that wears a full face of makeup all day everyday, but I do put a small layer on before I go to the airport. Makeup helps me feel presentable, and although I make look great, once I get on the plane it needs to come off! These handy wipes can get ALL of my makeup off in one wipe!

Lashes & Lipgloss

The two makeup goodies that I bring in every bag , even a tiny crossbody! A set of Whispy natural lashes and clear lipgloss will always do the trick! If I forget to put on makeup or just want something simple but not bare. All thats needed is a lash and gloss combo!

T-shirt & Denim Shorts

A band tee to be specific, doesn’t really matter what band because all the tee look awesome paired with denim shorts! I always pack at least one band tee and one denim shorts because its an easy outfit!


Honestly i’ve only just started appreciating a good romper. I used to refuse to wear them because I felt they made my shape look high unflattering. Now I see the truth, that it does the opposite! I rock rompers most days, I even have some bomb ones for work!


What’s a holiday without a sundress? Obviously this is a staple that I MUST HAVE in my amazon travel essentials list. No explanation needed!

Camisole & Capris

On vacay some days we just want a chill outfit. After being by the pool and you want to walk around the resort/ park or nice area. A simple cami and capri combo is my go to!


My swimsuit collection keeps growing and it will continue to grow if I live in FL forever. If I don’t buy a new swimsuit for every trip then it’s not really a trip! My fav kind is a One shoulder swimsuit, like I wore in my last post .


For most trips you will find me in sneakers, especially if i’m traveling to New York. If i’m going somewhere sunny i’ll wear sandals with a heel. Simply can not stand wearing flat sandals, as they do nothing for comfort or posture! YET .. I still wear them sometimes because they are so easy to slip in your carry on bag! The greek style is my absolute favorite style for flats!


A silk scarf, for my hair when I go to sleep! I actually got a super cute scarf from Causebox this spring, but I got my backup scarf from Amazon!

Simple small cross body for the explorer in me , I need my hands free for venti lattes! Finally I gotta have my luggage tag and passport cover!

A spare set of earburds, neck pillow & my ipad are also my plane essentials!

Honestly I encourage all of you to get unique luggage instead of the generic black fabric case. Unless you like your luggage getting picked up by other people mistakingly every five minutes!

Whats your absolute must have Amazon travel essential you have got?

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