To London and back in a Little Yellow dress

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It’s Monday morning and i’m casually sipping on  my first coffee of the day contemplating ideas and life choices. I’m at the point in my life where things are about to change majorly and I’m feeling slightly under prepared. I’ve been busting my ass at uni the past 3 years and cant believe it’s all going to be over in less than 6 months.  I’m one of those moms with a tunnel vision when it comes to my career and I forget that i’m in my twenties. “Going out” sounds more like an inconvenience when my mind is on my goals. ah but it’s 2018, and I promised myself I would actively make an effort to act like  mid 20s millennial and do something fun, so I head to London!

To London and Back in a Little Yellow Dress | How I realised my confidence was there all along.

LONDON ? what for?

I was invited to be an audience member on Big Brothers Bit On the side , and honestly i’ve been an audience regular for 4 seasons now. This was the prefect excuse for me to get out of the house late at night on a Friday night even if it was a 2 hour drive to London. I brought along my cousin and her fiancé as my plus 2 and we had a little road trip!

We arrived about an hour early so we could eat , at our go to Chinese buffet  and have time for the food to settle before filming started. Theres nothing worse than feeling and looking bloated on live TV  meanwhile I was rocking a little yellow dress that was slightly figure hugging.  We got the best on screen seats  with our faces literally having the most airtime out of everyone and we were loving it! We didn’t get back from London that night until about 3am and right after I decided to have-a  mini photoshoot in the house. The reason i’m telling you this is because being on tv was like a mini high. I came back from London feeling like I was invincible, I was bloated from the Starbucks coffee I had on the way back and my Chinese food never really settled but I didn’t care.

To London and Back in a Little Yellow Dress | How I realised my confidence was there all along.

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The moral of the story

Bloated or not I was feeling myself, thinking that if I just “do the mom thing and go to bed” my fun night would be over and I’ll have to wake up n continue my hectic routine tomorrow. I wanted to enjoy the freedom for a little bit longer and feel my best self. The moral of the story is that just having that one day out, that one day of fun, it completely changed my confidence. I felt like I was ready to embrace MORE fun. More dressing up in cute outfits, more spending hours doing my makeup to go somewhere nice and more of just loving myself more than I have been. Going out and taking literally one day for myself, even if it’s the ONLY day I take all year, allowed me to see, i’m still young  and shXt I still got it!


Has there been a moment for you this year yet that helped your feel your best self ? comment below and let’s chat!

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