260+ lifestyle blog post ideas & lifestyle youtube video Ideas

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Have you been in a creative rut lately and need some inspiration or ideas to help you out? Well look no further as you have come to the right place! Last week I was getting ready to post a youtube video on my channel and realized that I couldn’t think of anything to post! So I took a break and desired to use the day to brainstorm ideas. once I started writing ideas, they started pouring out and left me with over 260 lifestyle blog post ideas and lifestyle youtube video Ideas!

The ultimate list of lifestyle blog post ideas and lifestyle youtube video Ideas for content creators

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*To avoid creating duplicate content, any word with that is underlined means you can switch it out for anything you like. For example 25 things I bought from Target , could also be 15 things I bought from Amazon.

The ultimate list of lifestyle blog post ideas and lifestyle youtube video Ideas

I also broke everything down into categories, so hopefully this list is easy to understand! Happy creating, remember to switch out the BOLD underlined content and share your posts in comments if you use any of these ideas!

  • Lifestyle & Fun content ideas
  • Fashion content ideas
  • Career & School content ideas
  • Beauty & Hair Ideas
  • Social Media & Biz content ideas
  • Personal About the content creator Ideas

Lifestyle & Fun content ideas

  • Getting rid of my clothes (closet purge)
  • How to stay fit outside of the gym
  • Hacks video (kitchen, cleaning, organization, hair, beauty, iphone, life
  • How much does my face cost? ( tally up and breakdown the cost of products you use daily)
  • Journal Flip Through
  • What’s really in my bag?
  • 10 amazon products that will change your life
  • Getting personal styled by TOPSHOP
  • Taking instagram pictures by myself
  • 24 hour glow up challenge
  • what I eat in a day
  • A day in the life of a stay at home mom
  • Testing viral trends
  • $20 thrift store challenge
  • Useful websites you wish you knew earlier
  • Small things that can make a big difference in my room
  • Huge haul of all my tech
  • What to pack for a romantic weekend away
  • What to pack for a weekend in New york
  • Highlights of my week
  • Decorate my planner with me
  • My daily routine
  • My morning workout routine
  • My nighttime skincare routine
  • Daily Beauty routine
  • All time fav snacks!
  • Girl power Playlist
  • My top 3 Starbucks Drinks
  • I let my followers pick my dinner
  • Trying to make Starbucks drinks at home
  • Attempting yoga for the first time
  • Things worth Splurging on
  • Finding Bargains in Marshalls
  • How to decorate your Bathroom
  • 5 gadgets i’m obsessive over lately
  • Home Decor Haul
  • Come Home Shopping With me
  • Healthy meals to lose weight
  • weight loss motivation
  • My weight loss journey
  • Healthy recipes that are easy to make
  • Healthy skin tips
  • 25 motivational posts
  • My at home workout routine
  • 5 things i’m checking out this weekend
  • 5 etsy shops for the best planner stickers
  • How to make a digital vision board
  • How to stop caring about what others think of you
  • 15 habits of happy people
  • How to detox and reset your week
  • Where to find affordable budget friendly clothes for work
  • Come school Shopping with me
  • TRENDING TOPIC |Lets talk about it
  • Must buy Christmas Decor
  • Instagrammers who style I love
  • My Fav camera Accessories
  • My starbucks cup collection
  • Designer Sunglasses Collection
  • Fall Decor Bedroom Tour
  • Apartment Tour
  • Clean with me
  • How I organize my Pantry
  • My Pastel nail polish collection
  • Bake Christmas cookies with me
  • Monthly favorites

The ultimate list of lifestyle blog post ideas and lifestyle youtube video Ideas for content creators

Travel content ideas

  • Top things to see in my city
  • How to find cheap flights
  • HOTEL NAME Review
  • Places I want to visit before I turn 30
  • Best Snacks to bring on a plane
  • 5 Hotels I want to visit in 2020
  • How to get TSA pre check
  • How to get money back on delayed flights
  • Whats in my carry on luggage
  • Whats in my travel suitcase
  • The best Headphones for travel
  • Everything you need to survive a long flight
  • My fav apps for a long haul flight
  • Things to do on a short flight
  • Tips to save money at the airport

The ultimate list of lifestyle blog post ideas and lifestyle youtube video Ideas for content creators

Fashion content ideas

  • Affordable workwear haul
  • Where to find work clothes on a budget
  • Business Casual Fashion Ideas
  • How to look stylish at work
  • How to look stylish everyday
  • What to wear to location
  • How to look stylish everyday on a budget
  • Summer Outift ideas
  • What I wore in Disneyworld
  • How to style silk midi skirts
  • Haul Video eg. Pretty little thing haul
  • Styling an outfit from office to happy hour
  • 7 spring cardigans to add to your closet
  • 19 comfortable looks for work
  • How to wear the same dress in winter and in summer
  • 5 dressy casual summer looks
  • 5 basics every girl should invest in
  • my favorite places to shop in the mall
  • Best places to shop online
  • How to style Lingerie with denim
  • my top picks from _company name_ collection
  • Ways to style a leather dress
  • How I style a leather skirt
  • Fun ways to style a Midi Skirt
  • How to make a maxi skirt stylish all year round
  • What to wear on a first date
  • Get ready with me for a concert
  • The super easy way to wear leather leggings
  • Co-Ord love it or leave it?
  • outfit from shein review
  • How to wear a blazer as a dress
  • How to update your old clothes this spring
  • What to wear to a job interview
  • How to turn a daytime look into a Nighttime look
  • What to wear to a job interview
  • work outfits of the week
  • casual outfits of the week
  • what I wore this weekend
  • Seasonal look book
  • Festival Look book
  • Picking the right shoes for work
  • TOP 5 instagram boutiques
  • My closet favs
  • A day in outfits
  • How to dress confidently
  • Spring break swimsuit haul
  • How to dress more fashionable without buying anything new
  • How to be feminine and edgy in one outfit
  • 5 fashion trends to try this month
  • This TREND should be on your fashion radar
  • Follow me into Target Dressing room
  • Ultimate list of Netflix shows you must watch
  • 10 fashion forwards pieces for your next vacation
  • My favorite ways to style leather leggings
  • Trying out outfits in ZARA
  • First day of work outfits
  • 3 ways to style a Slip dress
  • ____ ways to wear ______
  • I dressed like an Instagram baddie for a day
The ultimate list of lifestyle blog post ideas and lifestyle youtube video Ideas for content creators

Career & School Related content ideas

  • How to study/ study tips
  • How to balance study & fun
  • How to meet new people in school
  • Dorm haul
  • Stationery haul
  • Tech haul for school
  • Hosting a girls night in a dorm
  • Shopping for my dorm
  • How to take notes
  • How to take digital Notes on Ipad
  • Tips to rock an interview
  • My monthly goals
  • My 2019 Goals
  • How to make a vision board
  • Monthly plan with me
  • My health goals
  • Books I want to read
  • Coursed i’m taking
  • My career goals
  • 30 day no spending challenge .
  • How to clear debt
  • Im saving for a new car here’s my plan!
  • Back to school Do’s and Don’ts
  • Surviving college tips
  • What life is like after college
  • Study Playlist
  • Conversations to avoid at work
  • How to get along with your coworkers
  • 10 college side hustles
  • Whats in my backpack for school
The ultimate list of lifestyle blog post ideas and lifestyle youtube video Ideas for content creators

Beauty & hair content ideas for bloggers and youtubers

  • My fav skincare products
  • How to stretch natural hair without heat
  • Best leave in conditioners for natural hair
  • Wash day routine
  • Recreating celebrity makeup up look
  • makeup review
  • A Full face of Fenty beauty
  • Watch me do my makeup in under 5 minutes
  • Fun halloween looks
  • How to get heatless curls
  • How I silk press my hair
  • How to french braid
  • Hairstyles for the Beach
  • Hairstyle ideas for wedding
  • Easy Kid Hairstyles
  • My Top 5 Lipsticks of all time
  • My affordable makeup collection
  • my high end makeup collection
  • How to apply False lashed
  • The Power of make-up challenge
  • Wig review from AMAZON
  • Easy routine to get rid of Acne
  • How to do winged eyeliner
  • How I shape my brows
  • Christmas Makeup look
  • Simple makeup for work
  • Glam every day makeup look
  • DIY body scrub
  • Testing out 5 different face masks
The ultimate list of lifestyle blog post ideas and lifestyle youtube video Ideas for content creators

Social media content ideas for bloggers and youtubers

  • How to take photos on instagram
  • How to edit instagram stories
  • How to animate instagram stories
  • 3 simple ways to budget right and shop smart
  • my fav preset for lifestyle posts
  • Five steps to achieving financial goals
  • How to plan out your instagram stories
  • motivational quotes for boss babes
  • How to plan a blog post
  • Whats on my iphone x
  • whats on my ipad pro
  • How I organize my apps & customize my phone
  • How to make an iPhone background
  • 5 journal promps to reset your life
  • How to boost your credit score
  • Fun instagram Stories templates
  • Fav hashtags to use for fashion bloggers
  • How to take awesome blog posts
  • Fav apps for bloggers
  • My fav Blog posts of the week
  • Top five wordpress plugins
  • How to manage all your social media
  • How to pose for instagram photos
  • How to have an aesthetic phone
The ultimate list of lifestyle blog post ideas and lifestyle youtube video Ideas for content creators

Personal Content ideas for Lifestyle bloggers and lifestyle youtubers

  • This or that game
  • 27 questions
  • I asked my instagram followers to send me questions
  • Life update
  • Get to know mw tag
  • Spring bucket list
  • Photo diary/ photo dump
  • Should I go to grad school?
  • What its really like to travel with kids
  • Things i’m grateful for
  • My fav bloggers this month
  • My iphone case collection
  • Favorite designer handbags
  • Favorite affordable handbags
  • My youtube setup
  • All about my side hustle
  • 10 things I can’t live without
  • Where I see myself in 10 years
  • A letter to my future self
  • How I met my significant other
  • Who would play me in an movie
  • Finding old photos of my growing up
  • Experiences i’ve had since being a blogger / youtuber
  • Giveaway
  • 3 things I would bring to a desert island
  • What is my Dream job
  • 30 things I want to do before I turn 30
  • Boyfriend does my voiceover
  • Album reaction
  • Travel diary
  • A day in the life of a stay at home mom

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The ultimate list of lifestyle blog post ideas and lifestyle youtube video Ideas for content creators

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