Life after graduation| what it’s really like

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What life after college is really like | Here are five truths about adulting post graduation

I’m writing this post with a grain of salt, to show you what it’s really like for me now I have my degree. As a teen I had a vision to get a degree in whatever field my mom wanted me to get, then I would run off to my dream home in LA and pursue my dreams as a singer. I couldn’t be any further from that life plan. It took me all of 10 years to get my college degree, since I took several  gap years; I changed my major a few too many times, moved across the globe and also joined motherhood along the way. That being said, after taking the label of college dropout,  I went back and graduated with 1st class honours and landed a job at a Fortune 500 in my career field BEFORE graduation. So what does this mean? Is life perfect now? NO WAY , here is what it’s really like after graduation.

5 Truths about life after graduation

Some of us millennials aren’t lucky enough to actually get a job post graduation. Some of us are way into our 30s still trying to figure out what career we want, and living paycheck to paycheck. 

Work is your life .. literally 

As a single mom, life is stressful enough, but try adding the pressure of wanting to impress your boss at work daily. When you get your entry level job, your next goal is to move up or you will forever be on the chopping block.

“last in first out” 


You will find yourself more than often coming in early and staying late. Don’t stress about it, because it will pay off in the end!

You probably won’t have a social life

If you have moved to a new town for your job, or in my case a new country; you will struggle to have a friendship circle. As adults most people make their friends at work. Which is what you are going to have to do if you want any chance of new friends. The alternative is to meet your neighbors, but there is a high chance you won’t have much in common. 

If you are a single mom like myself, then social circles aren’t even an option. I’m constantly working and I have a long commute to work because I’m currently living at home!. Yes you heard it right; I moved back in with my mother, because with my work hours it would be impossible to collect my child from school.  That’s where super nanny comes in. The alternative could be to move closer to work , but then i’d be sacrificing the free help and have to hire a nanny to collect my child from school . So either way … its a struggle.  

Ps. Don’t confuse living with your parents with being a mooch! I STILL pay rent/help with the mortgage AND have all my regular expenses. Home isn’t free! 

You spend everyday wondering .. is this it?

Is this my life? If  I never get promoted , and don’t really have a social life will I be doing this forever?  You might find yourself in a slight state of depression. Trust me, i’ve been through it , and still suffer daily. Yet I look at the positives.  

  • Great career 
  • A roof over my head 
  • Beautiful child 
  • Healthy living

What more could I ask for? Well the truth is we will always want more, and ask for more. Some call it greedy, I call it evolving. Being 28, I wander, will I ever get married? Is it too late for me? Did I spend so much time focusing on my work/school life that I forgot to put in energy for a social life?

You probably won’t have any real friends for a long time

Some people find their soulmate in college Then glow up together. What about us amazing women/men who meet a partner in college, think we are all settled and then our partner changes her/his mind?  

What if you move to a new city? Will you go out on your own initially to find friends? maybe, maybe not. Either way, making new friends WILL be tough, and you have to find ways to find yourself the most entertaining thing.

My social life after graduation has been tough to say the least. NETFLIX AND HULU are my besties, and i’ve literally taken myself out on dates. You get used to it, sometimes being alone helps you really grow your confidence!

Look your best in and out of the office

with stunning millennial looks from TOPSHOP 

It’s a mans world ….

If you enter a corporate job like I did, even in the field of Graphic Design and Television Broadcasting; you will soon find out it is a MANS WORLD. 

On my team of designers I am the ONLY female, on the team of Producers, there is only ONE female. All of the EXECS are MALE aside from maybe one or two. Men seem to be in charge unfortunately, and I want to work my but off to CHANGE THAT. You will find in a lot of corporate fortune 500 companies the men call the shots in most positions; unless you are entering an admin type field, which is stereotypically predominantly female roles. 

Your freshman 15 becomes 30

Remember freshman year when you gained that dreaded 15 lbs? Well life after graduation will be the same. You get your new job, you start earning a decent salary and you splurge a little (or a lot) eating out constantly. Next thing you know, you look nothing like the bad bitch you were in college. It takes us a few years to realise hmm maybe we should have saved that dining money and put it towards life investments like saving for a house. it becomes far to hard to loose the weight as an adult vs as post teen in your prime 20s.  

To sum it all up , life after graduation is hard AF!

We went from easy breezey no cares in the world, spending student loan money, to the harsh reality of repetetive work days and no personal time. 

I strongly suggest that if you are able to find a balance between work and social then I commend you. If you find one weight heavier than the other then I totally understand.  (We all do, that’s just life after graduation)

Whether you take this as a rant, or take it as advice, all I can say is i’m here for you. You are not alone in feeling this way.

I’m going through it and So are millions of other grads just try a make it in this big bad world!

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What was life after graduation like for you? Are you killing it? or want to pull your hair out? Comment below.


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