Ways to keep your long distance relationship entertaining

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Struggling to keep your long distance love entertained? Here are nine tips for your long distance relationship that will keep them wanting more!

A Long distance relationship will be hard but it can be highly successful with propper care. I should know, i’ve been in one for 2 years now. WELL more like a year and then we took a 9month break, and now were back together stronger than ever! Despite our break we kept in contact and worked on ourselves until it was right to get back together! (I finished my final year of college and got my 1st class honours degree yay!) They say distance makes the heart grow fonder!  They also say if you love something let it go, and if it comes back that’s how you know! Oh and I KNOW! Okay enough singing, it’s  time to give you guys my 9 full proof tips to keeping my long distance love entertained every day! 

9 tips to keeping my long distance relationship entertaining

We’ve had our ups and downs but despite anything we always communicate well, and try hard to keep eachother happy even from a distance. Check out my Youtube video above and YouTube channel for more tips. Here are nine golden rules that have worked well for me and my love.

Trust him/her

Without it there will be no real relationship. When you are in a long distance relationship, you cant see eachother. This means you have to have complete trust that the other person is remaining faithful and committed to you. There is no point dwelling on the what ifs. Assure eachother constantly  how you feel and give them all your trust unless they give you a reason not to. If you have any doubts at all that are not cleared up, then long distance is not for you. 

Give eachother space from time to time 

Sometimes you try to over compensate the fact that you don’t get to see eachother on a daily basis. That’s okay, I go months without seeing my love but I don’t need to know what he’s doing every minute of every day. We know eachothers work schedules and we catch up in the mornings and at night. Sometimes we can go days without talking but were 100% fine with it. We are miles apart and things are happening around us. I might be running errands all weekend and don’t have time to dedicate to small talk. So ill let him know and we catch up at the end of the weekend. It’s pointless texting or calling 20hours a day because you will get bored of eachother! Even local couples don’t spend that much time together in the day. Give eachother space to breathe! 

Support and encourage eachother 

Take time to learn eachothers goals in life and support them in anyway you can! If they want to be a painter or a musician, or a doctor, let them know you’ll be there to help them study, or grant he supplies they need. Encourage them to keep going even when they may way to give up! Be ther for eachother when you’re struggling to learn new things. It’s all about being open with your communication. 

Make him/her your bestie

Do things that you would do with your best friend. Be open and honest and just have fun together. Even if you are miles apart your an still have fun over the phone. You can definitely make the most of your time when you see eachother too! Do something out of the norm! My boyfriend and I stayed in the swankiest hotel we could afford in manhatttan and had a weekend like a tourist! We ate a popular restaurants, went to Central Park and so many fun places. It’s those moments we cherish the most!

Get to know him by making it fun with games 

I talk about this in detail in the video above but you can play the emoji game where each of you come up with new questions based on random emojis. However there are plenty of fun games you can play over FaceTime or through text! Don’t be stuck with boring conversation! 

Persistence is key

I knew I wanted him straight away. I was persistent in pursuing him, and I literally made him fall in love the more he got to know me. Everyone has the power to unleash their true love ability. JUST DONT FORCE IT! Let it come naturally and let him/her see how amazing you are! (Without coming on too strong)

Keep the conversation going 

This links to giving eachother space. Although you may give them space, You still should find 5 mins to tell them good morning. No matter what, my boyfriend will text me good morning Beautiful, and goodnight queen. Regardless if I’m already asleep.  Sometime I’ll l beat him to it, but the little things matter! 

The end goal must exsist

Don’t get into a long distance relationship with someone who isn’t looking past the long distance. DONT dedicate your time and wonderfulness to someone who isnt worthy of receiving it. Whoever you date, must be discussing the end goal from early on int he relationship no matter what it may be. Your end goal could be marriage, or simply moving in together, it doesn’t matter what. Just make sure there is one in place , otherwise what a are you doing?

The tease! Don’t be afraid to keep him on his toes 

Always leave him/her wanting more and waiting for more. I’M ALL ABOUT THE TEASE ! You could send cute selfies or try something more like sexting, its up to you. Remind them of what they have, and when they finally see you next, they will have all those months of tension built up!

So that’s it! My nine tips to a great long distance relationship. These have worked for me but that’s not to say it will work for you. Every relationship is Unique and some people value different laws of attraction. What we have works for us and I’m hoping it works out great for you too!

Struggling to keep your long distance love entertained? Here are nine tips for your long distance relationship that will keep them wanting more!

3 things my long distance boyfriend loves about our relationship  

  1. He loves how whenever he needs me to talk or vent or chat I’m always there for him. He also loves how optimistic I am about the future.
  2. The cute selfies and snaps! – if I send him 100 snaps a day he would still ask for more 🙂 (yup he’s a keeper)
  3. He loves how I’m always pushing our life agenda. I’m always doing something to better myself and so is he. We want the end goal to become a reality not just talk. So we have to actively be doing something and working towards our goals. 

Let me know if any of these tips help you and your relationship! I’d love to hear your stories in the comments! 

Struggling to keep your long distance love entertained? Here are nine tips for your long distance relationship that will keep them wanting more!

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