How To Practice self care for the best health

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Major burnout! Why do we do these things to ourselves? We get so focused on completing a goal that we forget about anything else. We tell ourselves, ah it’s fine, i’ll do it tomorrow. 3 weeks later, our legs are wilder-beasts, we have a consistent migraine and we’re curled up in our bed feeling defeated! How can we have the best health, if we don’t even spend five minutes to practice self care!?

Ive put together three super simple ways for you to take care of yourself mama! Not just physically but also mentally, it’s so important that we don’t let go of ourselves and we stay grounded!

Major burnout! How can we have the best health, if we don't even spend five minutes to practice self care!? Here are 3 easy ways to do it!

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Three easy ways to become your best self

Major burnout! How can we have the best health, if we don't even spend five minutes to practice self care!? Here are 3 easy ways to do it!

Groom a little | Spend time on your Beauty and Personal Care routine

Ok now i’m not talking about putting on makeup, (unless thats what makes you feel groomed). I’m talking about making sure your skin in the best condition.

According to Very Well Fit High sugar beverages like soda, energy drinks and sweetened teas can disrupt the formation of collagen, the connective tissue that gives skin structure and keeps it firm.

So start thinking about what you’re putting into your body. I know it can be tough when you’re trying to be in 17 places at once, run a successful business, Mom duties and have a full time job too.

Yes you may stop at WAWA and grab an extra large slurpie while filling up your MOM mobile! It may have been great in that moment .. but the aftermath may not be as appealing!

Why not grab a zero cal drink sweetener and keep it in your purse. That way you can grab a bottle of water and sweeten up guilt free!

Also its super important to establish a morning wellness routine and a nighttime wellness routine. It’s time to make better choices like :

Get Inspired by others!

I spoke about this previously when talking about how to boost your confidence, but it also applies here. Let others be your motivation to do better. It’s so easy to grab your daily dose of motivation. I listen to a new podcast every morning and hear all of these awesome women talk about how they are kicking but in their business and in life! I want that for myself, and seeing them success motivates me to succeed too!


Reading other blogs is also great way for me to stay motivated to do more and be better. I’m constantly taking in new information daily, feeding my brain with healthy word food!

Staying grounded is the key to keeping your mental health in check! Try doing some of these things :

  • Meeting up with friends and talking about your goals
  • Sharing your experiences with other likeminded individuals online!
  • Listen to Personal Development podcasts and read about manifestation!

Relax in your comfort zone

I stress to you, it is super important to have a comfort zone SOMEWHERE. This can literally be sitting at your dining room table, maybe it’s in a hammock on your patio or simply your living room. It doesn’t matter where it is , as long as its a place YOU feel comfortable enough to unwind.

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For me my comfort zone is my bed, simply because my schedule is so tight that i’m still working/blogging until 15 mins before I sleep! If i didn’t have to wake up at 4am everyday, I would have more time after work to unwind in a more desirable place.

When you are in your comfort zone, here are some self care things you can do :

  • Keep the adult coloring books for therapy alive.
  • Disconnect from the internet and read!
  • Watch an educational and entertaining tv show. THE REAL HOUSEWIVES DO NOT COUNT!
  • Write in your journal, could be about gratitude, or just a summary of your day! Just be at one with your thoughts!

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Major burnout! How can we have the best health, if we don't even spend five minutes to practice self care!? Here are 3 easy ways to do it!

What are some ways you practice self care? Comment below and let’s discuss!

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