How to add music to your instagram stories in 2019

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Last year I wrote all about how to add music to your instagram stories in 2018 for free. The method was simple to follow but requires quite a lot of steps. Now that Instagram has made new and awesome updates ; it’s the perfect time to update your methods! You will not believe HOW SIMPLE IT IS now to add music to ANY photo you chose to upload in your story. So let’s not waste any time and get to my exact simple way to add music to your story in 2019, using an Iphone.

want to add the latest music to each story? or maybe one song to several stories! Here is my quick and easy method to add music to your instagram story!

What apps do I need to add music to my instagram stories?

What’s great about the iphone is that the features coincide so well with the instagram features! Everything you need is literally built into your iphone! You will be using:

  • Apple Screen record
  • Photos app
  • Spotify or Youtube

Step by step guide

Step 1. Search Spotify or youtube for your favorite song. In this case we will be using Spotify for our example and I searched for Jonas Brothers – Sucker.

Step 2. Swipe up on your iPhone and turn on screen record.

Step 3 . Record a video of what you are listening to on Spotify, that is at Least 15 seconds to 1 minute.

Step 4 . Go to instagram stories and choose the video you just made. (This is important that you do this first. Instagram needs to know that you will be layering on top of the video)

Step 5. Click off instagram and go to your photos. Choose the photo you want to share to your instagram story and select COPY

Step6. Head back to your instagram story and a sticker button should pop up in the bottom left corner.

Select the sticker and it will layer your image on top of the video with the audio in the back ground!

QUICK TIP – Hashtags, Locations and all of the extras will automatically sit behind your image. Make sure you type all of those before resizing your image to full screen. Otherwise you will struggle to swipe up and grab what you need.

Step 7. Re size your image to full screen and enjoy your story with CRISPY CLEAN AUDIO in the background of your insta story!

want to add the latest music to each story? or maybe one song to several stories! Here is my quick and easy method to add music to your instagram story!

How easy was that guys! If you found this helpful I would love to see what you come up with!

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