DIY travel mini prints for your Bullet Journal

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One thing I love about having a combo planner/travel/bullet journal is the versatility and customization! I love to get creative, and by having the best tool out there my possibilities are endless. Taking photos everywhere I go as I want to remember these moments I share with my daughter when shes older. I keep  a copy of the best photos in my travel journal, and the rest digitally. However  having a  ton of photos in my journal can cause it to get thick quite quickly. Mini prints are my solution!

What are mini prints?

Mini Prints are basically a small keychain size, polariod style version of your photo that you can place anywhere! There are a ton of websites that will allow you to get mini prints done, where they take the placing images hassle away. Mini prints just like any photo printing service can get quite pricey, so if you have a printer at home, follow these easy DIY at home Ideas, and you can save yourself a ton of money!

What supplies do I need?

  • A4 or Letter Photo Paper- There are endless companies that create photo paper, but I like to use this.
  • Printer – I recommend having an all-in-one printer, since i’m a planner nerd & Graphic Designer. Scanning in and digitizing doodle Is my favourite pastime. > I use this printer <
  • Scissors
  • Photo editing software – I highly recommend grabbing this program, it’s literally the cost of two Starbucks trips per month!
  • Glue stick
  • Awesome photos! – I personally use my own images as it is a great reminder, however you can use any images form anywhere! WHI is my favourite source for inspiration.

How to DIY your mini prints using Microsoft Windows

Microsoft windows has an awesome built in photo printing feature that you can use for FREE.  Who doesn’t like free? It’s a quick and easy two step process that will have your prints done in less than five minutes!

STEP 1 – Navigate to your memory card , or wherever you store your photos, and select all of the images you want to print!

TIP-All of the images need to be in the same folder in order for you to print them on the same page

STEP 2- Right click and select print , then a box should pop up.

  • Printer – your connected printer
  • Paper size – A4 or Letter
  • Quality – High – You want awesome looking photos!  If you aren’t too fussed you can set it to standard
  • Paper Type – Glossy Photo Paper
  • Scroll down on the right hand size and select Contact Sheet

Now all you have to do is hit print , cut out your images , stick and you’re all done!

How to DIY photo Mini Prints online using CANVA

Canva is an awesome design tool for creators who don’t know how to use technical programs. I recommend it for design newbies as it makes things easy for you when your’e just getting started . I personally don’t use canva as I feel it limits my creativity, having pre made designs.


  • select use custom dimensions and choose 6inches X 4 inches . This is the perfect photo printing size so if you have a bundle of 100 free prints from your fav printing service you can grab a TON!
  • Canva has hundreds of pre made layouts you can easily drag and drop images into, then hit the copy this page button to make more slides. Simply hit download at the top and you are ready to print at home or send to the photo printers.


  • This Process may seem easy and like a godsend , but honestly individually uploading several extremely large images direct from your camera into canva is a long and tedious process if your internet speed is not A1. It’s just not my thing…. 
  • Imagine uploading 100 images and then having to download them again….. No thank you

Want a completely free travel Planner to help you make the most of your next trip?

How to DIY your Mini Prints using Photoshop

Creating a template- I find using Adobe In Design the easiest tool to do this, however it can get expensive to have the entire creative cloud services. Which is why i’ll be showing you using Adobe Photoshop.

  • Open up photoshop and create a new A4 or Letter sized file.
  • Next , decide how many images you want on a page. 35 little same size small images can fit comfortably on a page. However I like my images to be varied in size. Some images I will like more than others and will want to showcase that in my journal . Plus a little variety is a ton more fun! . Let’s go with 17 to a page .
  • 8 tiny prints and 4 medium prints. 5 larger prints
  • Now we create boxes to represent the images we will slot in later.
  • press U to bring up the Rectangle tool and create a box by tapping the paper.
  • Put in the dimensions 600 x 400 px

  • Then repeat this process with another box size 800px by 600 px and align them next to each other
  • box number 3 should be size 1200px 800px
  • Next Select the first box and duplicate X7 , and duplicate the 2nd box X3 , and duplicate box three X4

    TIP- You can easily duplicate by hitting the shortcut ctrl +J when the item is selected

  • Then align them like below, and you will have to stretch the last Large box to be aligned together. (I changed the colours of the rectangles to make it easy to see where each one starts and stops )

  • Next select all your images and drop them into the open adobe file you’re working on .
  • Select ALL, hold down shift and drag from the corner to resize all images. I recommend resizing to your largest box size . It’s much easier to scale down than back up again. 
  • In the layers panel , place an image layer in between each rectangle layer

…photoshop should auto fill the images at a full size.

  • Next select each photo layer form the layers panel . If you hold down CNTRL when selecting images, then you will be able to select multiple.
  • Now press (v)- the move tool, drag the corners and make the images roughly to the size of your largest rectangle. (hold down SHIFT to keep the proportions correct)
  • Rotate and resize each image over each box.
  • This next part will be easier if you lock the rectangle layers.
  • once you have arranged you images  (not perfectly ) you should have something that looks a little messy like this . 
  • To clean this up , select your image layers one by one and right click create a clipping mask . This will mask each image to the box it’s sitting on top of . Your end result should be something clean like this.

select print (make sure you save your template and if you want to do more images , you can simply replace the image layers! )

The best solution to DIY mini prints

Creating mini prints can be much easier, if you create a template using Photoshop or In Design. I recommend using a standard photo print size 6inX4in. You can fit anywhere from 6-9 images per photo and save each photoshop file as a PNG.  Send these images to your photo and head to your local instant print shop! You will get top quality and super fast prints . The instant print shop will offer a 9 per page mini print solution, but charge double the price of a single instant print! So remember, creating your own template or gallery images at home before you send them to print , will save you money!.

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