Can we really give up sugar forever?

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Let’s be honest here, my tooth is sweeter than a share size pack of Harbios. so am I really just kidding myself when I say things like ” I’m never eating sugar again!” probably! or Just maybe theres a way to actually give up MOST sugar forever!

okay so ya girl just her 29th year on this earth and that means it’s time to get my ish together! It’s my last year of my twenties and i’m officially going through my quarter life crisis! I think us Millennials put so much pressure on ourselves to fit a certain standard, or to create this fake online persona. When in reality were all A fyn Mess literally pulling our hair out with anxiety!

Is it really possible for us millennials to give up sugar when we're obsessed with sweet treats and free office bagels? Let's talk about it

Give up sugar? BUT I want to stuff my face with donuts!

One of the things a lot of us women struggle with is our body. We want to look like the photoshopped fashion nova girls and the perfect instagram influencers. WHY? we look at them and desire to have what they have . when in reality , what we already have is pretty dope!

I would binge diet then struggle and binge eat creating this never ending cycle of doom!

I’m a strong, beautiful, independent woman who can take care of herself and her kid just fine! Ive tackled MUCH HARDER THINGS in life. Hell I went through LABOUR!

So why is a simple task like eating healthy so hard for me? Well I had to realize my mindset was WRONG! Having a healthy lifestyle isn’t about what you look like to yourself or others. It’s about how you FEEL!

HONESTLY its clearly also my terrible addiction to CARBS!

How do I feel?

I asked myself Abbi , “how do you feel right now?” and I answered, bloated, tired, full…..but I would love a slice of cake right now!

I realized it’s time to use my food to HELP me not HURT me. I chose to cut out sugary carbs and starch!

Yes the change was drastic and YES I crave my morning office donuts! However i’ve found a way to substitite my cravings!

I don’t want to preach diets to you guys because i’m not a dietitian. Last year however i went on the Keto Diet and lost 30lbS , It was great , but then I let it slip for a week , and then a month and then 5 months and gained 15lbs back!

I’m mad at myself for letting this happen but there is no one else to blame but myself.

The point i’m trying to get at here is ” can cutting out sugar become a sustainable option for your future lifestyle”

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Here is how i’m going to cut the cravings

  • I’ve replaced all of my regular sugar in tea, coffee ect with STEVIA Leaf ” sugar”.
  • I have bought low carb bread (made of almond flour). Which doesn’t taste the best, but it tricks my brain into thinking i’ve actually eaten real bread!
  • stopped eating sugary fruits and eating far more low carb veggies like spinach , zucchini and cabbage.
  • cut out milk and use low carb almond milk creamer!
  • Only drinking zero carb drinks such as tea, coffee or water

It’s the little things! Will I stop forever NO WAY but making small adjustments like this make HUGE differences to my overall health!

So my Advice of the day is MAKE SMALL CHANGES to your diet to help your health in the long run! Instead of getting carried away eating many office bagels and donuts, try cutting it in half so you can get a taste for it , but not over indulge!

You. Could even try going dessert free for a month, or go for half a scoop of ice cream instead of two scoops! You CAN give up sugar but you don’t HAVE TO!

Once you get used to the little changes you can keep taking away more and eventually .. they’re gone!


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