Breathtaking Luxury tote you need on every travel trip

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When it comes to travelling, you need an accessory you can rely on that will hold your essentials. Exquisite luxury in a bag for your next trip, and multiple trips to come. Comfort on your shoulders when full, plus a pocket for each item to help you stay fully organised.
I came across the Knomo London Maddox tote, and realised my travel accessory game was falling a little short. When traveling I would end up carrying multiple bags for different things and feel overwhelmed having to shuffle through the bottom of the bag for important things, like my passport or battery charger! Here’s 7 reasons why the Maddox Tote is your must have travel accessory of the season!
Breathtaking Luxury tote you need on every travel trip | Maddox travel tote | Her Luxe Travels

Before we take about the amazing qualities of the Maddox Tote  first let’s break down what we would actually need to carry in the bag. The Essentials are always important such as your itinerary and passport. As a boss lady there is a high chance you will need laptop space, and Tablet space. A classic Fashion magazine will need to fit comfortably; along with over ear headphones, sunglasses, and some slip on shoes! Oh and just incase we get stuck at the airport, we need to be able to fit a change of clothes! So the question is, can this bag fit all of this plus more? The answer is YES!  heres why,

7 reasons you need this luxury travel tote bag

01. It comes in four different colours to suit your needs 

Whether you want black and classic , blue and edgy or white/cream and sophisticated; the tote can match anything paired with it!

02. Padded laptop section: fits up to 15-inch laptop.

The average person owns a laptop from 13inch to 15 inches , and this section fits the latter! Being able to slot your laptop into a designated section means it will be easy to grab on the go. PLUS you can keep it separate from other possessions and not worry about damage .

03. Exterior magnetic pocket:

With a secretly concealed pocket at the top of the bag , you can store your phone, keys and other small items quickly and easily! No need to open the bag!

04. Pocket with RFID blocking:

With identity theft at an all time high, you need to protect your  bank cards and your phone’s Applepay/Googlepay. The RFID blocking will stop hackers from downloading your details on the go! 

05. A compartment for tablets or other electronic devices;
If your’e anything like me and download all of your favourite shows to your tablet , then you’re going to need somewhere to keep your tablet safe!
This bag has a dedicated department to hold your standard sized tablet or ipad!
06. Main compartment will easily fit shoes and clothing –
slot in your overnight clothes with ease incase of a delay snd you get stuck in the aiport!

07. Everything easy to reach without disrupting organisation

Most importantly you are completely organised with access to everything!
 Breathtaking Luxury tote you need on every travel trip | Maddox travel tote | Her Luxe Travels
 Now that you know everything there is to know about your perfect travel tote , WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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Breathtaking Luxury tote you need on every travel trip | Maddox travel tote | Her Luxe Travels

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