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Last week I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. I had the dilemma of needing new content, without the luxury of a photographer boyfriend to take paparazzi photos of me all day. Major blogger struggles. I told myself, and my instagram followers that I wanted to try something new and totally anxiety inducing, which was to take my own instagram photos. In public, with a tripod, with everyone staring at me… OMG… just typing this gives me anxiety! Everyone was super sweet, totally related to my struggles and said go for it! Here’s how it went down.

When you have major blogger Struggles! No photographer boyfriend?  I guess that means i'm taking my own instagram photos! Here's how it went down!

Taking your own instagram photos means dealing with your fear of judgement

Let’s be real here , we all have our own personal fears! A fear of being judged by others is totally valid and common. I have always had some level of confidence that allows me to enjoy the things I really want to do. Yet there is also a mini me sitting on my shoulder. Whispering all the emotions could feel if others saw and judged me. Maybe this is actually me having a fear of emotions, not a fear of judgment. Were going to go the judg-ey route.

What if people stare at me?, OR Laugh at me?, what if they look at me all alone? judge me for not having a SINGLE friend to come and take a photo for me? HOW EMBARRASSING!

These are all actual thoughts that have run through my mind in the past. They truly seemed like valid reasons to avoid doing it all together!

It’s time to change this toxic mindset. We all live in ONE WORLD, and we should all be able to do what we want for ourselves.. without someone having a problem with us doing it.

Picking a location to take my own instagram photos!

Gathering the supplies and picking the location

On my long drive home from Clearwater, I travel past a few Beaches with gorgeous views! Every day that I pass the beach I have said to myself I really want to take some photos there!

I knew that had to be the location for this experiment, because its quiet, calm and I can drive my car up to it !

Next I needed to purchase a tripod for my iphone and a Bluetooth remote so that I could take photos from far away. When it comes to levels of embarrassment, Clicking the 10 second timer and then frantically running into place would put me at level 1million. Amazon prime to the rescue, I ordered it in the morning and it was here the next day.

Picking my outfit was simple, I just chose to take photos in whatever I was wearing to work that day. which was a simple animal print skirt, black mules and a puffed sleeve green shirt.

Taking your own instagram photos means dealing with your fear of judgement. So lets put it to the test! Here is how I took my own photos for the gram!

Results |Do I feel more confident now?

When I got to the location there were only two other people there, which eased my mind. However The main highway is right next to the beach, so anyone driving on it can see me very clearly. Regardless of my fears, I rocked the shoot, did tons of poses and took about 50 -100 photos with my little clicker!

They turned out great and i’m actually pretty proud of myself for going WAY out of my comfort zone. I would say i’ve made major strides to my comfort levels and i’m definitely going to do it again. Next I need to go to a busier location and see how I feel after that! You gotta start somewhere am I right?

This message is for you, the scared blogger/ content creator who wants to take their own photos! In the words of Nike, JUST DO IT! I did it and the world didn’t explode, I didn’t pass out with an anxiety attack , I didn’t cry from embarrassment. I did what I had to do and got the content i needed ON MY OWN. You can do it do huni just go for it!

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