Best Views In London | 4 Insta worthy Spots

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Last week my mini and I took a week long trip to London! It was an adventure for sure, from visiting the fourth tallest building in Europe, to climbing 311 stairs in the monument! Needless to say our mommy and me time was full of great memories! I wanted to make this trip to London amazing as it may be our last trip there together for a long while. This meant filling in as much as possible in the short time. I wanted to capture insta worthy shots of the city of the best views in London.

Here are four places we visited that have the best views in london!

View from The Shard

This was by far the best experience, we headed to the top of the building and had a little picnic! The Views are magical, as you can go to each side of the building to get a completely different view!

View from The Monument

This one is a toughie, as I pre booked this before my trip; not knowing thy didn’t have an elevator! Honestly I didn’t even know what I was expecting as I had never seen it before. Regardless my 5 year old went into beast mode and climbed every step to the top! (… I definitely felt the burn in my legs for sure! )

We climbed 311 steps to get to the top of The London Monument | 4 of the Best Views in London | Instagram worthy spots!
We had to climb up three hundred and eleven steps!

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Take a bus tour

So we were back on the ground for this one! But it was an amazing experience  getting to see parts of london that we hadn’t ever seen! It’s great to sit down and relax while experiencing the greatness of london! Just make sure you have a raincoat as the weather is always unexpected!

The View from the london bus tour - 4 of the Best Views in London | Instagram worthy spots!

I pre booked all of my tourist activities online to find the best deals  of things to do in London.

View from London bridge

This was Mckenna’s favourite! The glass floor did not scare her one bit, while I saw grown men and women clinging to the side like their life depended on it! Rest assured, the employees told us a little fun fact !

“There are five layers of glass, an elephant could walk across this glass and it would not crack”

The View from London Bridge - 4 of the Best Views in London | Instagram worthy spots!

So that’s it! Four insta worthy places with the best views of London. There are so many more places to explore with great views, These however happen to be the places we visited on our week long trip! Three of them we did in ONE DAY!

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My mini and I saw the Best Views in London! From visiting the fourth tallest building in Europe, to climbing 311 stairs in the monument! Check out our top four places for insta worthy Pics! | Her Luxe Travels 

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