50 Affiliate programs every new blogger can join

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Have you just started a blog or looking to include affiliate marketing within your blog posts? I’ve created a list of all the Affiliate programs and referral programs I’ve been able to join. As a new blogger, only a few weeks in the biz I’ve already started earning from my blog. I signed up for as many Affiliate programs as I could , after only one blog post published. Now I rejected from many, and still waiting on some. However these affiliates below have all accepted my little blog , and is allowing me to earn little bits here and there. At the one month mark of the blog I’ll be posting my earnings and traffic report.

50 Affiliate Programs Every New Blogger Can Join | Her Luxe Travels | Plus Free Printable Checklist

What are affiliate programs?

If you are a complete newbie and honestly don’t know what an affiliate program is, well let me explain .

In simple terms :

  1. A big company has many products, that can be sold.
  2. They want to sell more of their products, so they offer an incentive to anyone who can sell more of their product for them.
  3. The little guy (aka me) joins the program and  I promote their product to my people.
  4. My people purchase the product, resulting in the big company making money.
  5. The big company then pays me a percentage cut of the sale, aka making me some affiliate income.

It sounds like a no brainer , ah let’s just sell products and make a ton of money! NO it doesn’t work like that. Affiliate selling is a technique, not everyone can master (me included.)

My intent on joining Affiliate programs is so I can earn a passive income while being able to do what I love. (which is designing and travelling)  If I’m already using a product or service, then it just makes sense to earn affiliate income from the product. Especially if I’m going to recommend it to you!

What if I’m a brand new blogger? can I really make any money?

The answer is yes! Of course you can. If you are passionate about a product and you let you readers know how this product/service has helped you ; then they will see how genuine your recommendation is and purchase the product too!

There are a ton of different ways to earn affiliate income, not just for posting banners on your website!

  • You could set up an affiliate pinning strategy
  • You can send out scheduled tweets of your affiliate products
  • Write a quality blog post with a call to action

Plus so much more!

What programs  can I join?

LINKSHARE- Rakuten Marketing

Honestly this is the best source of Affiliate programs out there . It’s been around for donkeys years and they know exactly what they are doing. They have partners with some of the biggest names in the business like The Bodyshop, Hilton Hotels , Trivago and more!

Under Linkshare I Signed up and got approved for :


Accessorize : I love this brand, they are my go to shop for travel tote bags, scarfs and wooly hats! plus my daughter loves their range of stickers and notebooks! 

Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay : I’m a big fan of Korean skin care and they have the brand Too Cool For School. I use their face masks before and after a long flight and I KNOW I’m going to be recommending their products often. so I signed up and got approved! YAY FOR ME

bh cosmetics

BHCosmetics : This is my go to shop at Christmas time .  A company well-known in the Youtube Beauty industry. My family is mostly female so makeup is the ultimate winning gift! I Signed up for them because I will be incorporating this brand into my affiliate pinning strategy in time for the holidays! >This is my fav product< Plus i’ll be incorporating my youtube channel within the blog too! WIN WIN!


BIRCHBOX: Another beauty brand perfect for promoting in my gift and packing guides ! It’s a subscription box that gives you SAMPLE/TRAVEL sized items! couldn’t be any more niche specific than that!

CHEAP FLIGHT NOW : I knew I wanted to partner with travel companies, hey this is Her Luxe TRAVELS after all. Since I’m always on the hunt for a cheap flight I knew I had to include this company, they have great family travel rates. PLUS you can literally get flights to VEGAS for under $100

Clinique : I actually use their 3 step system, and get asked about my skin constantly, so I figured I would sign up for the affiliate program. This way I can link them, anytime I include them in a packing guide.

Get The Label: This is a clothing store that sells designer brands for dirt cheap! I love them because they do kids clothes too! They feature top brands like BEN SHERMAN, Lacoste, Sketchers and ADIDAS.
Another set of brands to include in my  travel packing guides!

H Samuel : This is a jewelry store. I chose this brand because my daughter has a Disney Chamilia Charm bracelet and collects the charms! I figured since I’ll be moving to Florida soon, I’ll be heading to Disney quite often! The bracelet is a cute accessory to link to your Disney outfit and experience! Plus I’m a huge fan of their GUESS watches.

Ps. We went to Disney world Florida twice this year! See what we got up to in my very first blog post! 

HOTEL WIZ : This was an obvious choice for me. They always have crazy coupon deals up to $100 off some bookings! It would be silly for me not to recommend them regularly!

ICE:  A Luxury Jewelry company – I love everything on this website and would have a field day recommending the products. HOWEVER they are a bit pricey in comparison to other brands  but hey its LUXURY! plus they do kids Disney jewelry so I GOTTA HAVE IT!

Karen Millen : Your one stop shop for the modern mama! I shop here all the time . In fact I own 5 different sunglasses from them! They cater to the 25+ demographic for fashion. I WILL be using them in my packing guides!

LOLA ROSE : There’s something about their Arm Candy Bracelets that have me hooked! I keep coming back to them, So I’ll keep recommending!

MANGO: Another fashion retailer I love and will be incorporating within my Travel Packing Guides.

Molton Brown: I have Molton brown Scented Candles all over my house! I’m sure i’ll reference them at some point while blogging , so I applied for their affiliate program too!

MONSOON : I’d say about 50% of my closet is from Monsoon . I actually recommended a few of my favorite fall items in my What to pack in new York Guide! 

NA-KD : I could not recommend this store enough! Their style is off the charts! LOVE them, so I had to apply! Super happy about getting approved for this one! ps. their student discount is awesome too!

RADLEY : They have the best Travel luggage out there! their quality is A1 plus their designs are super cute! I can’t wait to include them in my travel guides!

Smiggle : A stationery company for kids! Or an over eccentric parent 🙂 My daughter got her entire Travel journal setup from them . So I knew I had to apply!

SPACE NK : This is a beauty website that sells big brands like NARS for a slightly cheaper price.

SMYTHS TOYS: They usually have insane deals during the holidays for kids. They sell all of the top brand leading toys.  If I see an AWESOME deal happening , i’ll be linking it in my Coupons page

SUNUVA : A website specializing in KIDS SWIMWEAR! My daughter has about 5 swimsuits , she loves to go often  and whenever we are in Florida we head to the beach almost everyday.  They have an awesome selection I will definitely be recommending in my packing guides for kids

White Stuff : They have THE BEST range of notebooks and gifts ! I love everything in the store! I’ve already started pinning their products!

Yoga Outlet : For the moms who like to stay fit and look cute while doing so!

As you can see , that’s over 20 Affiliates from LINKSHARE all in my niche!

Join Rakuten Marketing Linkshare here


An affiliate program for bloggers that will accept newbies! I personally haven’t dived into the network yet. I’m still deciding what I would like to incorporate with my blog

Join Escalate here

Grab your FREE blog planner exclusive for HLT Subscribers


CJ Affiliate

An affiliate program similar to Rakuten , where it houses several brands.

I applied and have already been approved for :

CheapOair : I’ve used them in the past and have found some amazing last-minute travel deals on there . I highly recommend them!

ONE TRAVEL : They also offer great deals and offers that ill be posting on my Coupons page

Disney Store : I specifically joined CJ just so I could be a Disney store affiliate! I love everything Disney!

Join CJ Affiliate here 


I joined Share a sale simply because I wanted to be part of the Tailwind Affiliate program! I love Tailwind and it has helped grow my traffic tremendously.

I have three  NEW tailwind tribes you can join FOR FREE :

Since joining I applied and have been approved for the following Affiliate Programs:

Tailwind : A pinterest scheduler designed to skyrocket your blog and pinterest growth! It has for me!

CHICNICO: A chic modern clothing brand

ROMWE: A clothing brand that sells to the young modern mother market. They have super cute clothes that I will be recommending in my travel packing guides

SHE IN : A modern clothing brand ,however I personally love their accessories. That’s what i’ll be recommending over anything else!

CITY PASS : This is a travel pass that will get you in all the top attractions in  the worlds top cities! I’ll be using mine in NEW YORK & FLORIDA, then letting you guys know how it went down!


This is an affiliate network that allows you to create your own affiliate products . For example if i created an eBook , I can put it in send owl and allow my readers to recommend it with their own affiliate link . Also I’ve downloaded a ton of courses ,which I am now an affiliate of. I only recommend the courses that worked :




AMAZON Associates

I love Amazon , I am a student prime member and proud! I couldn’t recommend them enough! You can get started affiliate pinning  and EARNING with amazon in less than 24 hours!

Join Amazon Associates here


With viglink it turns links into affiliate links , so you can recommend products on ETSY  or even EBAY and earn!


This is just like VIGLINK but with similar display tools as amazon! It’s well-known and respected in the Affiliate Fashion Community. They instantly accept everyone, so you can earn ASAP.

Definitly one of the TOP Affiliate Programs you need to join!

Your blog can look like this : (click one and see how it works)

Blue Host

Blue Host Offers an affiliate program even if you aren’t using their services.

If you do choose to use their service you will get:

  • 24/7 SUPPORT

All starting at $3.95 a month! A bargain I might add!

Sign up for Blue Host Affiliate program here 


The mother of all Affiliate Programs, with click to earn ads you can’t beat them! The only problem is they can get very annoying so use them sparingly!

You can add advertisements in your posts like this :

join google adsense here

Apple Itunes

Apple has Affiliate programs for iTunes Apps, music and more! And its awesome! I signed up because I use a ton of different apps from designing to productivity , to kids apps  for my daughter . I wanted a way to recommend them easily and with earnings! I applied within my first week and it took another two weeks before I was approved !

You can recommend your fav apps, games, music and more like this :

Apply for Apple Itunes here


An affiliate network that houses several brands. Through them I applied and was approved for:

Casetify - iPhone X Cases


Anyone that has ever met me , knows I change my phone case to match my outfit . I have one in every style and I always bring a few with me when I travel. I applied and was approved for the CASETIFY affiliate program in 24 hours!

apply now 

Adobe Creative Cloud

Now this one was a tough cookie to get into, I waited patiently for two weeks before hearing anything from them. In fact they were number one on my list for Affiliate Programs. Simply because I’m going to be teaching you a ton of design tutorials to maximize your blog and I’ll be using to do it!

sign up  to be an affiliate here 


I love referral programs more than affiliate links! The earning potential is substantial! If you have a company or brand you love. Simply search [company name] Affiliate programs, or [company name] Referral program. You will be surprised just how much earning potential is there!

My favorite referral programs


I LOVE trello, I’m an organizing freak , so I make to do lists for my to do lists! Trello makes it easy to plan out everything and also collaborate with others

Below I’ve planned out next months blog posts . As you can see I’m going to be doing a series for starting a Travel Journal . Not sure on the title yet but you’ll have to wait and see! I’ve been journaling for years and I have a Pinterest board with of some of my old journals from stealstylist (and others too). I’m pretty old-fashioned, I hand write ideas in my journal, then type them up into Trello later as a backup.

They offer a referral program which could end up scoring you the premium version for FREE!

Join the referral program here

ps. This is the journal i’m currently using


This is where i’ll be hosting my Photoshop masterclasses and blogging courses. What’s awesome is they allow you to create your own Affiliate programs for you own products! Similar to Sendowl but with an amazing supportive platform!

  1. Make a product & host on Teachable
  2. Sell it to your target audience
  3. Have your students recommend it to others and offer them a commission of the sale

I’ve also taken a TON of free courses on this website!

sign up for teachable now 


Kayla  Ivorymix will give you 300+ free styled images for free when you sign up for her e-mail list. if you want more , you can purchase them in the shop or sign up for $10/month membership so you have access to even more phenomenal photos.

It’s for sure the number one spot for free gorgeous, unique + clean-looking stock photos for your blog!

The plus side is you can become an affiliate !

so as people compliment your amazing blog photos, you can let them know ” hey thanks they are from IVORY MIX and they were FREE


This is a cashback website just like EBATES, I mentioned them in my previous post.

How to skyrocket your piggybank and save money for travels

I love them because they offer cashback on top brands like HOTELS.COM and Macys!

They have a referral program where if your friend signs up for free, you get $15! That’s freaking awesome!

ALRIGHT! Are you ready to start making some affiliate income with these Affiliate Programs?

I know I mentioned a ton of programs and you may want to come back later so you can take you time joining at your leisure.

50 Affiliate Programs Every New Blogger Can Join | Her Luxe Travels | Plus Free Printable Checklist

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I also made it super easy for you and created a downloadable FREE checklist of all the programs mentioned here in this post.


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