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Abbigayle Warner | Her Luxe Travels | AFYNMESS | Mid Size Petite Fashion Blogger With a love to fashion , adventure and motivating other queens to be their best selves

Empowering women to travel through life as their best selves!

Hi I’m Abbi, welcome to my little corner of the net!

I’ve been designing and blogging for over 10 years, and have learned ALOT over the years! No this isn’t another blog teaching you how to blog! This is just me sharing REAL LIFE experiences and giving my thoughts along the way.

This blog isn’t about travel in the literal sense, although I do have my fair share of traveling. I’ve been traveling every year since I could remember, so exploring the world is imprinted into my bones.

What HLT (her luxe travels) is really about, consists of a young twenty something Millennial mom talking about Personal Development!

Initially HLT was going to be about all the luxe places I visit , but as time went on , I realized I wanted to share my personal development tips too!

Trying to deal with life after college? or the insane stress of traveling as a single parent on a super long flight! Yup i’ve been there mama!

After reading my blog posts I want you to feel Empowered, Encouraged and to KNOW you are not alone!

Seriously were all just A FYN MESS!


I currently hold a 1st Class Honours degree for Graphic Design, HND, HNC and Btec for Graphic design, an Associate’s Degree and won awards for my work as a student!

Over the years i’ve kept my blogging life and my career life separate. However i’ve slowly started to incorporate little bits of design into the images on the blog. You can learn much more about my academic achievements over on my LinkedIn page.

My day job is a Motion Graphics Designer for an AWESOME television station (Not saying which one for privacy)

Occasionally I’ll be passing along my blog knowledge to YOU so you can create your own killer content for your blogs and your personal planners/ Travel Journals!

Home Life

My daughter is my biggest inspiration for blogging. She has a creative mind and loves drawing and designing herself! Although i’m a mom , I try not to put too much of my child on the net so you wont see her in many posts. I will however refer to her as my mini. Gotta stay safe out here, mama claws and all !

I’m from Birmingham England, but we moved out to Tampa Florida for my budding design career and she loves the sunshine!

I live out here with my daughter and my mom ! So definitely expect posts (or rants) about being a grown ass working woman who lives with a parent! YIKES! Millennial struggles am I rite!?

Why I made this blog!

Her Luxe Travels first post was September 23, 2017.

I’m still learning as a blogger every day, so it will be a fun awesome journey together as we build Her Luxe Travels into something awesome! OR simply just a legacy that maybe my daughter can take over later in life!

After 5 years of pointless dabbles into blogging with no specific niche or topic, I grew my  previous blog to over 400k total pageviews, but CLOSE TO ZERO loyal readers. People would pass through my blog read a post then leave, causing my bounce rate to be off the charts! It’s simply because I wasn’t offering my readers anything , Plus I had no clue what I was doing as a blogger.  I knew how to design a blog, make it look awesome and then I was stuck for content!  I took some time off to think about how I could really get this blogging life back on track and how I can offer something of value to other people, and thus Her Luxe Travels was born!

It just makes sense to Blog about something you’re passionate about!

Before launching this blog I invested in some awesome resources and learned everything I could about blogging so I could stay on track this time and simply do it right! AND IM STILL LEARNING!

I’ve taken a wealth of online courses to get me started, but these two are my top go to products: 

Pinterest Ninja

How to make your first affiliate income in 24 hours

More about me?..

I have over 2 years of event planning experience and have planned events for The Body Shop and L’Occitane En Provence in my hometown Birmingham UK.

So if you ever want some tips on how to get started in your town let a girl know!

How to create your own events & work with  Top  Brands,

How to network with other Bloggers

How to Create awesome games and activities for these events + more!

These are all things I had to figure out on my own to get into the industry!

Speaking of resources , Before you go  I want to personally invite you to my email list! I blog every Sunday morning and sometimes Extra days a week!

Are you ready to jump into the blog? Hit one of the categories below and ill see you over there!

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