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If you love to travel, get organised, make money, and live a luxe life, then you have landed in the right place!

Hi I’m Abbi,

I’ve been designing and blogging for over 5 years, and I teach other bloggers and mamas how to live a luxe organised life.


I’ve been traveling every year since I could remember, so exploring the world is imprinted into my bones. I’ve spent 8+ years living on the east coast of USA where I’ve barely scratched the surface of exploring.

Globetrotting is awesome and I’ll be sharing my family trips with you here on Her Luxe Travels! & When I’m not not busy enjoying my own Luxe vacations, I’m going to show you:

How to start and have a kick ass blog

How to make awesome designs and blog elements with PHOTOSHOP & ILLUSTRATOR

How to make easy money online with Passive Affiliate income

So you can start planning your next vacation Right away!


I currently hold a HND, HNC and Btec for Graphic design, an Associate’s Degree and won awards for my work as a student, but you can learn much more about my academic achievements over on my LinkedIn page. With this knowledge, I’ll be passing it along to YOU so you can create your own killer content for your blogs and your personal planners/ Travel Journals!


My absolute favourite thing to do is travel! So far, my five-year-old daughter and I have been on over 40 flights together, So I would say I know a little something about travelling with kids!



Check out my post of top no nonsense tips for travelling with kids!


On this blog, I’ll not only be creating resources for moms & mompreneurs, but also for kids!

My daughter is my biggest inspiration for blogging. She has a creative mind and loves drawing and designing herself! Since a young age I’ve been creating colouring pages for her to express herself with. Over time I’ll be adding all of these awesome resources into the library for you to grab too!


That’s what Her Luxe Travels is all about!

  1. Get organised
  2. Learn cool blog design techniques
  3. Create your own profitable products with your new knowledge
  4. Rake in the extra cash
  5. Plan your next family vacation


As you can see Her Luxe Travels is brand spanking new! Our first post was September 23, 2017. I’m still learning as a blogger every day, so it will be a fun awesome journey together as we build Her Luxe Travels into something awesome!

After 5 years of pointless blogging with no specific niche or topic, I grew my  previous blog to over 400k total pageviews, but CLOSE TO ZERO loyal readers. People would pass through my blog read a post then leave, causing my bounce rate to be off the charts! It’s simply because I wasn’t offering my readers anything, Plus I had no clue what I was doing as a blogger.  I knew how to design a blog, make it look awesome and then I was stuck for content!  I took some time off to think about how I could really get this blogging life back on track and how I can offer something of value to other people, and thus Her Luxe Travels was born!

I started this blog to share my real life expertise, and to help other mamas and bloggers all at the same time!

It just makes sense to Blog about something you’re passionate about!

Before launching this blog I invested in some awesome resources and learned everything I could about blogging so I could stay on track this time and simply do it right! AND IM STILL LEARNING!

I’ve taken a wealth of online courses to get me started, but these two are my top go to products: 

Pinterest Ninja

How to make your first affiliate income in 24 hours

More about me?..

Well .. I’m a busy mom also in full time higher education , so life can get pretty challenging. Because of this, I’ve spent a ton of time researching ways to save money and make money!

I created my previous blog in 2013 where I went  from zero blogging experience to now knowledgeable in my craft.

I’m currently Based in Birmingham, UK but I’ll be making a huge Cross country move to TAMPA FLORIDA USA in 2018 I’m super excited as is my daughter!


I have over 2 years of event planning experience and have planned events for The Body Shop and L’Occitane En Provence right here in Birmingham UK.

As we grow together, I’d love to share my knowledge on:

How to create your own events & work with  Top  Brands,

How to network with other Bloggers

How to Create awesome games and activities for these events + more!


I have a ton of ideas for resources for you to use and I can’t wait to share them with you!

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Being a mom (especially a single mom like myself) does not mean you have to give up on traveling.

I’m lucky enough to travel multiple times throughout the year and I do it all with my 5 year old sidekick daughter. We will take short weekend trips in school time, to long summer trips across the globe.

Check out some of the places we’ve visited on our instagram  and right here on the blog + I’ll give you my top tips to save money without giving up your luxe lifestyle!

START HERE with my travel posts

Luxe Life Tips

Okay so who told you that you can’t travel in style? I love finding new ways to pack efficiently, or finding that perfect Mary Poppins style luggage that literally holds your entire existence.


Living a luxe life is not all about travel , I’m a single mom and I want romance too! I’m currently in a long distance relationship UK->USA, which i’ll be sharing my experiences with you and more. (it’s also gives me an excuse to travel so much)

In my Luxe Life Tips I’ll talk about things like :

  • Dating as a single mom
  • How to make a Long Distance Relationship work
  • How to travel abroad with only hand luggage
  • My top 5 luxe budget backpacks for exploring
  • What kind of shoes should I wear on a Weekend City escape?

Plus so much more!


START HERE with Luxe Life