9 easy selfie Hacks to take your instagram to the next level!

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Taking a selfie for instagram is no longer a simple point and shoot! It’s about creating art, competing with the best and standing out! Feel like no one is looking at your instagram page? Here are 9 easy selfie hacks that will give your instagram an edge over the other guy!
9 easy selfie hacks to take your Instagram to the next level | HerluxeTravels.com


9 easy selfie hacks

    1. Take them on a professional camera instead of your phone!

      Ever thought about using a DSLR, or even a digital camera? Your photo game will skyrocket from amateur to amateur with a bomb ass camera! 🙂 No honestly a quality camera can really boost your selfie game  and if you are serious about your online social media selfie presence, it’s time to invest! You could go with something compact and lightweight with semi decent quality, or hardcore top quality DSLR. The choice is yours!

    2. Use a phone selfie lens and ditch the selfie stick!

      You don’t need to be that girl with a long stick walking around taking selfies… pop a selfie lens on your phone and get the same effect without the need of a long arm!
      9 easy selfie hacks to take your Instagram to the next level | HerluxeTravels.com

    3. Go hands free with a bluetooth remote and a pop socket

      You can set your phone anywhere and take photos from far away by a simple click of a button! I use mine all the time to take my bedroom selfies!  I even have a remote for my Canon camera too! A pop socket is a great selfie hack, its a lightweight way to hold you phone up if you don’t have a tripod!
      9 easy selfie hacks to take your Instagram to the next level | HerluxeTravels.com

    4. Use a filter app and smooth out your skin!

      My absolute Favourite app is Rookie Cam, it’s a paid app but the features are 100% worth it. It comes with over 50 filters & textures, all the necessary editing capabilities plus lightleaks and so much more!!!  One of the features is skin smoothing which I love to use when I take photos on my DSLR. I personally loved vintage single use cameras because they didn’t show every crease and blemish in your skin. If you use the Skin Smoothing feature it adds a slight blur to your image and makes it look SD rather than HD! It’s amazing! Oh and another bonus feature is that you can layer up filters and textures!  Take a look at this before and after below

    5. Add a texture to give it a magazine look

      Adding textures is my favourite selfie hack! It makes your photo look like you pulled it straight out of a magazine. Instead of having an amateur looking photo you can use apps like Rookie Cam or even Adobe Lightroom to boost your overall finish!
      Take a look at this before and after below:

    6. Turn your selfies into an Animation for your insta stories!

      I wrote a step by step tutorial on how to animate your insta stories an my gosh is it EASY! Honestly such an easy selfie hack that you have to check out right now!

    7. Turn your selfies into a mini music video for your snapchat and Instagram stories!

      If you’re looking to make your instagram pop with an awesome video  why not make it out of your awesome selfies?! Check out THIS POST to find out how to add music to your instagram stories so you can make something cute like this below!

    8. Plan out your photos using a grid to keep a cohesive look.

      I love using the A Colour Story app as they have a free plan feature where you can drag and drop your photos in a grid. The photos with an instagram icon will show what’s already posted so you can match up the rest of your photos to your branding! Plus the app has a ton of free filters and paid filters to spruce up your image even more!

    9. Schedule your photos at PEAK times so you can get the most likes on every photo!

      I use Tailwind for my instagram posting schedule. They have a general app called When to Post , which will literally tell you the best times to post  on your instagram based on your followers. The actual tailwind app will let you schedule your posts at peak times and AUTO POST directly to your Instagram Business page. The desktop version is 100x better as Auto posting is a new feature that instagram recently allowed; and honestly its a time saver! Having tailwind analyse your account to show you what’s working and what  isn’t working is exactly what any serious instagrammer needs!

      Why spend hours trying to figure out the best time and best hashtags when tailwind can do it for you in seconds!

      They show me what hashtags are working well for me and  the ones I should ditch all together! They have a free trial where you can plan out and auto schedule a month of photos for FREE! I would say it’s the best investment for any one who’s truly making instagram their business!

        Click here to get started! 

So that’s it my 9 EASY SELFIE HACKS to take your instagram to the next level! Do you use any of these tips already? Comment Below and let’s chat!

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9 easy selfie hacks to take your Instagram to the next level | HerluxeTravels.com

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  1. Dyana @adebtfreejourney
    December 12, 2018 / 3:57 pm

    I keep pushing off creating an Instagram because I am SO stressed about how to create consistency amongst all of my photos….plus I can’t figure out my camera. I will have to get the A Colour Story app!

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