6 ways to reduce stress before work

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 As moms’ our mornings are the most Stressful time of the day. From getting ourselves ready for work, to getting our kids ready for school, making breakfast and being sure not to forget anything. It can surely become a vey hectic time, Which is why i’ve found 6 easy ways to reduce stress every morning.

6 ways to reduce stress before work | Moms struggle the most especially in the mornings. It's important to find ways to reduce stress before heading to work. Here are my 6 top tips| Her Luxe Travels

1. Get more sleep & Reduce stress

I’m the worst person to be saying this as I can’t seem to grasp the concept of sleep; but i’ve found that when I go to bed an Hour early and wake up an hour early I’ve got more time to get ready. simply by taking your time to get ready rather than rushing is the easiest way to reduce morning stress. even if you are like me and only get roughly four hours of sleep per night , Change the time you sleep to an hour before you wake up and see how magical your mornings become!

2. Sleep with the curtains slightly open

Waking up to darkness makes making up harder! If your brain thinks it’s night time when you wakeup , it will be harder to adjust to the fact that it’s morning! YUP that results in you hitting the dreaded but lovley snooze button! If you  have to wake up early hours before sunrise like myself, this wont work! Instead , set your tv or laptop to a timer. You can have it turn on right as you wake up, that way  your room will be bright!

3. Drink something warm when you wake up

Having a hot drink in the morning will warm your insides and relax your muscles. You can have a calming tea or an energy boosting coffee (my choice)! Either way, the warm drink will get you started and relieve any initial hunger pains you may feel when you wake up. It will keep you going as you continue to get ready, and get the kids ready.

4 .Take a steamy shower

Every morning without fail i take the hottest shower I can bare. I have a mattress in dire need of replacing which cases my body to be tense when I wake up.  Taking a hot shower is the perfect solution to loosening and relaxing my muscles. When in the shower I use  a shower oil to help moisturise my skin and create a calming effect on my body. then follow up with a de-stress lotion

5. Face mask before bed

This is an easy way to boost your morning mood. I have an endless supply of relaxing face masks in my side drawer. I try to do one every other night, but some can be done every night. Using a calming mask before you go to bed will help you get your best sleep! Thus waking up feeling extremely refreshed! Let’s not forget the glow you will have in the morning!

6. Prep the night before and reduce stress

Need to makeSchool lunches?  Need to bring your laptop to work? Before bed prep everything so that you don’t have to in the morning! The less you have to do in the morning the better! Opt for easy quick breakfast meals such as oatmeal, fruit and cereal, and have them ready to eat in the morning. This way you don’t have to spend long cooking and fiddling in the kitchen when you wakeup!

Here are 3 more ways to eliminate stress in the morning

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Here are my favourite stress reducing products!

From facemasks to shower oil , these items will allow you to head to work feeling awesome!

ps. I also love a quality  night’s sleep in luxury pyjamas!

6 ways to reduce stress before work | Moms struggle the most especially in the mornings. It's important to find ways to reduce stress before heading to work. Here are my 6 top tips| Her Luxe Travels

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