5 easy ways to boost your instagram stories in 2018

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I’m no master at instagram , heck I don’t even have 10k followers, so the swipe up feature is still taunting me. I do however; know that there are tricks to instagram stories that a lot of people still aren’t using yet! Through basic trial and error , I’ve encountered some pretty awesome secrets and i’m going to share them with you! Vertical video is becoming the latest trend and with celebrities like Selena Gomez and Camilla Cabello creating completely vertical music videos! Here are my top 5 easy ways to boost your instagram stories and maximise engagement.

5 easy steps showing you how to boot your instagram stories in 2018


How to boost your instagram stories in 2018

1. Only post videos or boomerangs!

Posting photos on insta stories receive less engagement than video, not to mention the fact that it’s boring! You already post photos on your instagram profile , why extend the photos to your stories? Think of your instastory like snapchat Articles. Each post is an informative “STORY” so tell it like one! Use this as an opportunity to get as creative as you want! Insta stories are 15 seconds long so be mindful that whatever you post must fit in that window. Try creating a game like 21 questions and have your viewers vote either or answers. Over time you can gather the results and really get to know your demographic well.

PS. Instagram does not feature photos in their public stories!  so that super cute selfie you took and thought you could get featured in #selfie .. wont be featured.. sorry

2. Create some easy templates

Using Canva or if your’e a design pro like myself, use [eafl id="987" name="Adobe creative cloud plan" text="adobe illustrator/photoshop  & after effects! "] I created some really fun templates displaying my mood each day. I came up with the idea of a MAZE and used the instagram emoji’s to pin the emoji to my moving icon! Okay it may sound complicated but it’s literally just a photo, with a moving circle. It’s really easy to create and can be customised each day to fit your needs! check out my video below of different ideas to switch up my instagram stories in December.


3. Use hashtags and locations.

I found that by using my local location “Birmingham uk” , I received 200% more viewers than not using a location at all. Instagram let’s you attach one location, so use it wisely. If you are posting a picture from your vacation in New York , then tag the New York Location! Speaking of tagging , be sure to use hashtags! You can add up to 10 hashtags to your instagram story  so use them all! The beauty of insta stories is that you can reduce the size of your text to a bullet point and it still reads the content. Which means you can hide your tags with an emoji or simply put it so small that you cant see it! When using hashtags, don’t waste them by putting #selfie #photo #litty … seriously? This is the perfect opportunity to get your content seen. Try using one relevant hashtag using the hashtag sticker. For example if i posted a video of me eating Pizza , then ill use #pizza  and then take advantage of the most popular LOCATION hashtags . People search locations more than they search anything else.

I always use :

  • One hashtag relevant to the photo (ex.#pizza )
  • Location tags : #london #newyork #paris #jakarta #indonesia
  • Two hashtags that are relevant to my instagram niche such as #travelblogger #fashionblogger #mommyblogger or #lifestyleblogger
  • Then finally I use two popular hashtags relevant to my instagram profile, which in my case would be something like #nakedplanet  and #travelstoke

As I mentioned previously, instagram will only feature your instagram story in the public story if you use  VIDEO  or boomerang.

4. Mix in professionalism  and promote your blog/website!

You may not be skilled to do this , but you also may know someone who is. If you can edit a youtube video then you can edit an insta story! Instead of picking up the phone and taking a choppy, sometimes blurry video, why not create an advertisement for your blog?

I Created a few ads over Christmas time, as well as a few mommy and me day compilations. I edited them on Premiere pro and added some music to give it a little edge . My ads were 15 seconds long and fit in my blog logo , examples of my blog posts and kept my viewers entertained!

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 5 easy steps showing you how to boot your instagram stories in 2018 


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5 easy steps showing you how to boot your instagram stories in 2018

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5. Use featured highlights.

Instagram recently graced us all with a new feature to promote our instagram stories on our home page timeline. This is awesome if you have the swipe up feature , you could post , your latest looks and swipe up to buy ect . You could have a feature for each day of the week and continuously add What you are wearing each day with a swipe up. There are endless possibilities for you! I use mine to showcase my favourite monthly music and tv shows , plus some family mommy and me fun!.

So thats it, my top five tips for boosting your instagram this year! Out of the hundreds of tips i’ve picked up along the way, I have narrowed down the five I feel are completely relevant for the new year.

What are you doing to set yourself apart on instagram?

Have you started to plan your blog and social media activities for the year?

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Comment below and let’s chat!

5 easy steps showing you how to boot your instagram stories in 2018



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