4 life rules from a millennial single mom

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The Single mom life is not what it seems, or maybe it’s exactly what it seems. Long days, long nights barely any sleep and a daily repeat. With life being 100% devoted to another human being, when do we find time for ourselves? let’s just say we fall in between the fine line of superhuman and robot. With that being said here are four life rules that shape my everyday activities as millennial single mom.

four life rules from a single millennial mom | herluxetravels.com

The millennial single mom playbook


Everything you do in the free time that doesn’t involve your kids should be something that can help advance your career. Whether its blogging , social media climbing, documenting your everyday activities to write a book? Regardless of the action, career must always be the driving factor! You should smile , and be happy (or appear happy) because you never know who might be watching! In 2018 it’s a lot about who you know, so think of your career like a relationship. You should strive for happiness but not let it define you.


Dating will happen whenever it happens. Searching or looking for a partner when your focused on being a mom and having a career, is just not on the cards. Plus its 2018, dating is basically deceased. With apps like Tinder & Bumble making booty calls  and “friendship with bootycalls” a thing ; finding someone genuinely in your head space is a rarity. Now i’m not saying it can’t happen because it can, I’ve met several potential life partners online (in the most random places of course , no dating apps for me) The problem is they tend to live in another continent! Ah the life struggles

four life rules from a single millennial mom | herluxetravels.com


Fashion is all about confidence at this point. It’s okay if your’e wearing a basic tee and yoga pants because they are comfy! As long as you rock those yoga pants with confidence and let that bootay jiggle a little , there ain’t no shame in the yoga pants game.  The beauty of being a millennial single mom , means you can literally make anything look good if your makeup is done to the nines. Beat that face and keep it moving huni .


Wait that’s a thing? .. all I hear is crickets and see a ton of cobwebs! .. ha no honestly sex is great if your getting it . No judgement for the moms who are being casual , hats of to you for actually finding the time to fit it in! When it comes to my non existent sex life i keep myself distracted with my career goals , if i’m not thinking about it then i’m good. But if it’s on ya mind and you need a little lovin; make sure you demand what you want. It doesn’t happen too often so you gotta make the most of it. Bring in a little of that assertive superhuman power i was talking about earlier and make sure your sex partner knows exactly what you want!

four life rules from a single millennial mom | herluxetravels.com

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So that’s it! my unwritten rules as  millennial single mom.

can you relate to any of these? Comment down below and let’s chat!



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