3 reasons your natural hair is dry & dull and how to fix it!

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I jumped on the natural hair bandwagon almost two Years ago. After nearly a lifetime of relaxers and daily breakage , I decided it was time to deal with the 4b hair god gave me and give it the best energy I was able to give. Knowing my hair was brittle I just chopped it all off and threw on a wig! It honestly took some serious transitioning and heavy conditioning before started to see true results. Many life factors can play into why your natural hair is dry, but today I want to give you three tips that truly helped me retain moisture.

Many life factors can play into why your natural hair is dry, here are 3 reasons why and how to fix it!

3 solutions if your natural hair is dry!

1. Cool it down

I originally thought the key to moisture was to keep washing my hair every day and adding tons of conditioner. Although it did help strengthen my hair, it definitely did not contribute to moisture. I would leave the shower with what felt like a dry sponge as soon as I stepped out!

Turns out my shower was way too hot! Hot water actually melts the moisturizing lipids on your scalp leaving your hair dryer then it was before!

So the easy fix was to turn down the temperature when I’m washing to not freezing cold , but much cooler!

2. You gotta pre poo

This was a life changer for me, as going natural meant I had to load up my hair in products daily to avoid my hair drying out. The product buildup would eventually create bits after Saturday’s few days and meant it was time to shampoo it all out.

This is such a big contributor to why my natural hair is dry. Shampoo is really harsh on my hair and it’s typically frowned upon in the natural hair community to do often.

BUT the build up has to go somehow, I can’t take the itch!

I stumbled upon the practice of Pre-pooing ( deep conditioning before you shampoo). I separate my hair into sections and spray with water, then apply a deep conditioner and leave it on for about 45 mins.

Then I hop into the shower, rinse it out, follow up with shampoo and then my regular conditioner.

On the first try it totally defrizzed my hair and left it fully moisturized from scalp to ends! My hair actually laid down on my head, and not defying gravity as usual.

Here are my favorite super intense deep conditioners that I slather on to my hair before I give it a good rise. The product I use the most is the olive oil deep conditioner. I’ve found this gives my hair the most slip and really helps define my curls after it’s been washed out.

Many life factors can play into why your natural hair is dry, here are 3 reasons why and how to fix it!

3. Shake those roots

Unless we wash our hair at the salon, we do it ourselves and it’s not so easy to see the back of our heads! One of the problems we face is not actually getting all of the shampoo or conditioner out of our hair. This actually contributes to why your natural hair is dry and dull.

Did you know that if we don’t wash it all out , our pores actually get clogged!! That means goodbye shiny hair!

Next time it’s wash day, give those roots a serious shake and get it all out! Your luscious locks will thank you later!

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There you have it, three problems and fixes to why your natural hair is dry & dull .

What are some hurdles you’re experiencing during your natural hair journey?

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