3 awesome Cities to travel to in 2017 under $200

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So you’re a frequent flyer, or maybe just looking for some new cities to visit before the end of the year. Don’t worry her Luxe Travels has got you covered!

One thing I love to do every other week, is check out last minute deals. You never know when you could find that awesome last minute $90 flight to Paris out of the blue!  We often spend months planning our next years vacation , but never consider how much we could save if we just winged it and went on the spur of the moment!

I know I’m not being totally realistic. Most of us can’t tell our boss “hey heading to bali for a week , see ya on the flip side” . However if we do happen to have a more flexible flying schedule, we should definitely take advantage of it.

Which is why i generated this list of :

3 awesome cities to visit before the new years, under $200.

LAS VEGAS  as low as $98.40

Vegas is the entertainment hotspot! From Live shows, luxury hotels and casinos galore.

It’s definitely one of the top cities to travel too before years end!

From DEC 10 – DEC 12 you can take a quick break and have the time of your life for only $98

NOV14-NOV16 travel for $112.40

DEC 2-DEC4 travel for $194.40

DEC 4 – DEC 6 travel for $122.40


Fort Lauderdale FL

With their expansive canal system and gorgeous sandy beaches , Kick back and relax on a quick beachscape! No wander  as one of the top cities in the world , it’s called America’s Venice. The weather is still amazing this time of year , you need to take advantage of it!

NOV15-NOV17 travel to Fort Lauderdale for $102.40

fort lauderdale

Orlando FL

So you’re looking for the best of all worlds?

Orlando Florida has it all, from waterparks, Disneyworld, Beach life it’s tourist central and exactly what you need if you are a go getter. You can make the most of your trip by dedicated one day for beach life and the other for exploring!

DEC 5-DEC 7 travel for $167.58

NOV14-NOV16 travel for $118.40

Jan 23- Jan 25 , 2018  travel for $80.40 < alright I know that this is not in 2017 BUT that is an unmissable deal! oh and again … the weather!

$80 to Orlando is unheard of! 

ORLANDO - 3 Cities to visit before 2018 | Under $200 | Her Luxe Travels

What are you waiting for?

Take a look at these deals and jet over there asap!

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Want a completely free travel Planner to help you make the most of your next trip?

Beautiful Orlando Fl | 3 Cities to visit before 2018 | Under $200 | Her Luxe Travels


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Where do you plan on going for your next vacation?  Thinking of taking a super sweet Last Minute deal?

Comment below and let’s chat!

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