10 things you probably don’t know about me

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Hi lovelies! I thought it was time to do an about me post since it’s been a while since I actually gave you guys life updates! Some of you loyal readers catch up every week with all my posts and also my instagram! I’m super grateful to connect with you daily. This post is a way for you to know a little more about the girl behind the lifestyle/travel blog Her Luxe Travels! So let’s get to it!

I share my travels every week but here are 10 things you probably didn't know about me | The girl behind the lifestyle and travel blog Her Luxe Travels!


10 things about me you didn’t already know!

  1. I love to sing! Singing is what got me into social media in the first place. When I was 15 I discovered a little website called youtube where I would post covers to my favorite songs! yes embarrassingly these videos are still floating on youtube!
  2. I’m a Motion Graphics designer by day!
  3. I have had a mildly successful youtube gaming channel! So growing up the game The Sims was my escape from reality. I started a youtube gaming channel which I got to 23k subscribers! It was so much fun and I rarely use it now as i’m a super busy working mom! However I do dabble in the game from time to time.
  4. In my life I have moved house 11 times and between two different countries/continents!
  5. Photography is a huge passion of mine!
  6. I’m in a wonderful long distance relationship for 3 years nearly 4! We started dating from two different countries and now were int eh same country but STILL long distance .. just a shorter distance !
  7. I’m a mom! incase you didn’t already know! I have one child .. hopefully more if god is willing!
  8. My iphone is extremely organized and color coded like a rainbow!
  9. I’m the handyman of the family! NOT MY BROTHERS! I’m the one that gets called to build a playhouse in the garden , to mount the tv on the wall, or to replace the cabinets!
  10. I lost 30lbs on the KETO diet! It works guys! It’s a lifestyle change and super hard to maintain but its highly effective!

So that’s it, 10 things you didn’t already now about me! Want to know more? Follow me on the gram!

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Hi I’m Abbi, welcome to my little corner of the net!
I’ve been designing and blogging for over 10 years, and have learned ALOT over the years! No this isn’t another blog teaching you how to blog! This is just me sharing REAL LIFE experiences and giving my thoughts along the way. HLT (her luxe travels) is just a young twenty something mom talking about LIFE & literally everything a modern woman goes through!

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