4 new things to do on your next vacation

When we go on holiday, we can sometimes become obsessed with the idea of “taking a break” from home; that we forget to actually enjoy the fact that we are in a new country. There are 4 things to do to make your trip feel totally fulfilled and i’m not…

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4 life rules from a millennial single mom

The Single mom life is not what it seems, or maybe it’s exactly what it seems. Long days, long nights barely any sleep and a daily repeat. With life being 100% devoted to another human being, when do we find time for ourselves? let’s just say we fall in between…

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Three Reasons I Love New York City

I’m a lover of New York, I always have been since I was a child. With family living there, i’ve had the opportunity to visit more times than I can count yet I still always feel like a tourist! New York City has so much to explore and do, I…

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5 easy ways to boost your instagram stories in 2018

I’m no master at instagram , heck I don’t even have 10k followers, so the swipe up feature is still taunting me. I do however; know that there are tricks to instagram stories that a lot of people still aren’t using yet! Through basic trial and error , I’ve encountered…

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To London and back in a Little Yellow dress

It’s Monday morning and i’m casually sipping on  my first coffee of the day contemplating ideas and life choices. I’m at the point in my life where things are about to change majorly and I’m feeling slightly under prepared. I’ve been busting my ass at uni the past 3 years…

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